Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1810 May 26


Vol. V.]


[No. 270.

Saturday, May 26th, 1810.

[Proclamation - importation and exportation of goods by neutral vessels to the West Indies and continent of South America - with the rate of duties imposed - lengthy and mutilated]

Notice. [heading]
The Hon. the Fiscal as Commissary of the Town of Stabroek, hereby gives notice, that he is ready to receive Tenders for the building of Bridges over the draining trenches in the different streets, of the Town of Stabroek, agreeable to pattern which has been built at the Secretaries Office,
These Tenders must be sealed and written on "Tenders for Brick Bridges," and delivered at the fiscal's Office, on or before the 1st day of June, when they will be opened, and the lowest offer if approved of accepted. Information as to the situation and number will be given on application above.
Demerary, May 26th 1810.

The Domicilium Citandi et Executandi of the Subscriber is at Plantation Haslenton, East Coast, Demerary.
May, 26st [sic] 1810. Thos. F. Burrows.

Sales by Execution. [heading]
By Authority from the Honorable Court of Justice I the undersigned First Marshal of this Colony shall expose and sell, in the presence of the Counsellors Commissaries and their Secretary, unto the highest bidder, on the 12th June next: -
[where are 3 & 4?]

5. - In behalf of N. Rousselet q.q G. S. Chandler of Boston, versus A. Leeds: - a Certain Contract of Purchase and Sale of Plantation Danjou, situated in Mahaicony, between Plantations Dankbaarheid and Hamlet.
6. - In behalf of H. Koppiers, Representative to the Estate of the late Mr. P. H. Koppiers, versus the Proprietor or Representative of Plantation MEF, situated in Canal No. 1, with the Dwelling House thereon, long 30 by 20 feet wide, more or less, (out of repair), without any Negroes.

Public Vendues. [heading]

On Wednesday the 30th inst. at the Store of A. Bryant Esq. New Town: -
Provisions, Glass and Earthen ware, Ironmongery, Hosiery, Paint oil, Sadlery, Silk Umbrellas, and a large assortment of Cotton Goods, &c.
May 26th. Kingston & McBean.

On Thursday the 31st instant, at the Store of Messrs. McInroy, Sandbach & Co. - Irish Linen, sheeting and dowlas, cotton and linen checks, brown holland, oznaburgs, Russia duck, sheeting & canvas, cotton hammocks, Madrass handkerchiefs, seersuckers, quilting, India jean, thread and bobbin, white & printed calico, cotton stockings, shoes and boots, beaver, patent and willow hats, chaise harness, saddles, bridles, horse netts, Negro cloathing, glass and earthenware, London porter, butter, beef, hams, cheese, pease, barley, loaf sugar, &c.
May 26th. Kingston & McBean.

On Tuesday the 5th June, at the Vendue Office, by the order of Colin Macrae Esq. - Ten good Field Negroes.
May 26th. Kingston & McBean.

On Friday the 8th June, will be Sold on the Premises by order of G. Henschelius Esq. as Guardian to the Children of Windisch, - The Concession No. 2, with a Dwelling House and other Buildings, situated in front of Plantation Werk & Rust, opposite the House of Messrs. McInroy, Sandbach & Co.
And by order of Step. Cramer Esq. q.q. E. De Bonfevin, - Two Negroes. Also by the same as Executor of F. E. J. Geraud, - Some Wearing Apparel, &c.
May 26th. Kingston & McBean.

On Wednesday the 13th June will be exposed for Sale at Public Auction, by order of M. Van Kerkwyk Esq. on Pl. Ann's Grove, Mahaica. - Household furniture, consisting of Mahogany dining tables with D ends, Pembroke and card do. side boards, sofas, Chairs, chest drawers, press, knife cases with knives and forks, a Lady's work table, bedsteads, mattresses and curtains complete, wash hand stands, night chairs, looking glasses, Pictures, an excellent table service, breakfast do. China tea set with tray, shades, tumblers, wine glasses and other glass ware, table and bed Linen, silver table and tea spoons, do. soup spoons, cruet stand, forks, punch ladles, waiters, porter cups, &c. Also an excellent pair of iron-grey Horses, goes well in harness, saddle Horses, several creole milch cows, and heifers, a flock of Sheep, a Negro Woman a complete Washer and House servant, and several other Negroes.
May 26th. Kingston & McBean.

On Thursday the 14th June, will be exposed for Sale at the House of Mr. Robert Murray, North-Dam, Stabroek. -
A Lot of Land No. [blank], with the Buildings thereon at present occupied by himself, household furniture consisting of Tables, Chairs, Beds and Bedsteads, Sofas, Glass and Earthenware, &c.
Also twelve Negroes, two good tradesmen, saddle and harness menders and chaise liners, Washerwomen, Cook, House Servant, &c.
May 26th. Kingston & McBean.

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Andrew Rose in 14 days from the 9th May, or by the Ship Sisters.
Willm. Ewing, ditto, do. do.
John Falconer in 14 days from the 9th May.
C. Remy, in ditto, from the 10th do.
Archd. Iver, in ditto, from 11th do.
Duncan McNicol, in 14 days, from the 14th May or by the Ship Nereid.
Kenneth McRae, in 14 days, from 14th May.
John Lewis, in ditto, 15th do.
Hu. Lowry, in ditto, 16th do.
Lachlan Bell, in ditto, ditto.
John B. Ferguson, in ditto, ditto.
John Chapman, in ditto, 18th do.
The Honb. F. C. Loncke in 14 days, from the 18th May, or by the Ship Caledonia.
L. D'Helliand, in 14 days, from the 18th May.
Henry Yeoward, in 14 days or 6 Weeks, 19th May.
John Bonyan in 14 days or 3 weeks, from 21st May.
J. W. Innis, with his Slave Sally, in 14 days, from do.
Robert Marshall, in 14 days or 1 month, from do.
Edwd. Neale, in 14 days, from 21st May.
James Reid, in 14 days, from 22d May or by the Ship Bellisle.
C. F. Windisch, in ditto, do.
The Hon. M. Van Kerkwyk and Family in 14 days from the 23d May.
Davd. Bethune, in 14 days, from ditto.
G. Ince, in ditto ditto.
Ed. Austin q.q. F. Waldron will send to Barbados in 14 days from 23d May two Slaves Dutches and Clarinda, with their two Children.
Thos. F. Burrowse, in 14 days, from the 25th May.
Alexr. Arthur, in ditto or one month, from ditto.
Peter Campbell, with six Slaves, his property, in 14 days, from the 25th May.
Mathw. Finlay, in 3 weeks or 1 month, from 26th do.
Johannes Smit, in 14 days, from the 26th May.
A. Tinne, senior Clerk. [no citing of Secretary's Office or date]

St. George's Church.
In addition to former Subscriptions, Advertised, the Committee have to acknowledge receiving further aid from the following Persons: -
The Widow's Mite f 44
John Clapham, in Lumber, value 220
Joseph Sandiford, in do. value 110
A. D. Guthrie, in Painter's work, value 19
A. Reith, in Paint and Oil, value 110.
William Good, in Plank, value 44
Hon. Joseph Beete, Two handsome Tables for the Chancel, on which are written the Ten Commandments, &c.
James Robertson.
May 26, 1810. Treasurer.

All Persons having any Demands upon the Effects of the late Rowland Jones, are requested to deliver the same to L. Van Rossum Esq. at the Government Secretary's Office, before the First of June next.
Demerary, 25th May 1810.

The Undersigned being about to leave the Colony, requests all Persons who may have any demands against him in his private capacity will be good enough to render in their Accounts for payment on or before Thursday next the 31st instant.
William King.
Cumingsburg, 26th May 1810.

Wanted to Purchase. [heading]
Fifty Bales of Cotton,
for which Cash or approved Bills will be given.
Apply to William King.
Cumingsburg, 26th May 1810.

Wanted. [heading]
A Task-Gang.
To prepare about Twenty Acres of Land for Canes, on an Estate on the West Coast of this River.
For Particulars apply to the Subscriber on Pl. Best.
Jos. Beete, Junr.
Demerary, 25th May 1810.

Notice to Wood-Cutters. [heading]
The Subscribers are in want of a considerable quantity of White Cedar Colony Staves and Heading, of the best sort; of proper dimensions for making Rum Puncheons; to be delivered them in Town at different periods, - the first, 5 to 10 M. in 14 days from this date. Any Person or Persons wishfull of supplying the whole or part, will please furnish samples, and address themselves to
Cornfoot, Bell & Co.
Who have received by the Ship Guyana, Capt. Croft.
Building and Temper Lime,
Dutch Terras,
Long Wood Hoops,
Salt in Puncheons and Barrels,
Cumingsburg, 26th May 1810.

For Hire. [heading]
30 to 35 good healthy field Negroes.
Apply to J. Ph. Muncker, or
May 26, 1810. St. Cramer.

For Sale at the House of the Subscriber, an Excellent Strong Curricle, in good order, with two suits of Harness, almost new.
D. Gold.
Cumingsburg, 26th May 1810.

Henry B. Maggee. [heading]
Respectfully informs his Customers that he has removed his Shop to his House in Cumingsburg, next to Doctor Gall, and opposite the Honble. Fiscaal's Office, where he begs a continuation of their favours. May 26, 1810.

Lyst van de Prysen van Hout, Planken &c. als meeds van andere Houtwaaren, dewelke op Plantagie Uytkomst word gemaakt:-
Cipiere blokken van f 1-10 van 27 fl. de Voet Cubick
en van f 2 de Voet Cubick.
Kraphoute blokken van 18 to 20 fl. do.
Moura blokken 12 fl. do.
Cipiere Planken van 1 duym dik, 8 fl. de voet.
Do. do. 1 1/2 duym dix, 12 fl. do.
Do. do. 2 duym , 16 fl. do.
Craphoute Planken 1, 1 1/2 & 2 duym 6, 8, & 12 fl.
Walaba duygen 6 voet lang f 220 de 1000.
Walaba Cingels van f 30, 33 tot f 35 de 1000.
Manecolen 20 voeten lang 15 fl. de stuk.
Sparren 20 voeten lang 20 fl. de voet en vervolgens na de dikte en de lengte gen meerder Prys.
Allen op een Jaar Credit betaalbaar in twee termynen.
eyder van Zes mananden.
N. Rousselet, q.q.
[Transcriber's note: the advertisement above does not have an English language version in this or succeeding issues.]

For Sale. [heading]
A Negro Boy of good disposition, who is a good House Servant, and with a little more instruction will make a good Carpenter, having been already some time at the Business. Apply to the Printer of this Paper. May 26, 1810.

On Sale by the Subscribers. [heading]
[first column]
Prime mess Beef,
Hams, Cheese, Potatoes,
Tea and Refined Sugar,
Porter and Beer,
Port Wine per dozen,
Madeira Wine per do.
Old Rum, Gin and Brandy,
Soap and Candles,
Salt in Barrels,
Cordage assorted,
[second column]
Seine and Sewing Twine,
Fishing Seines 10, 15 and 20 fathoms,
Gunpowder and patent shot,
Irish sheeting and Linen,
Diaper and Damask table cloths.
Russia Sheeting,
Cotton bagging,
Hoes, Cutlasses, and shovels.
Hu. Mackenzie & Co.
Demerary, 26th May 1810.

Wanted. [heading]
An Active Young Man as Assistant in a Store; it is not essential that he should have been previously in a similar situation. Apply at the Office of this Paper. May 26, 1810.

Strayed from the Subscriber's Yard several days past, two young Oxen, one a Black, the other Red and White. Whoever may have taken them up will be pleased to make it known, or any information of them will be acknowledged. Whatever expence that might be incurred will be readily paid, and a Reward given if required.
May 26, 1810. W. Roach.

Absented about three months ago, a Negro Man named Yow, commonly called Yapan, who formerly belonged to Mrs. De Wolf but at present to the Boedel of H. Barrow. All Persons are forbid employing or harbouring the said Negro, as the Law will be rigidly put in force against all such offenders. A Reward of Ten Joes will be given to any Person who can give such information as to convict any White or Free Person of harbouring the said Negro. He is supposed to be harboured at Pl. Goede Verwagting or at his old Mistress's. The usual Reward will be given for lodging him in the Barracks.
Demerary, May 25, 1810. J. P. Blount.

Absented about three days ago, Five Negroes belonging to the Estate of H. Barrow decd. namely - Jack, Jackey, Green, Peggy and Membo. All Persons are forbid employing or concealing either of the above Negroes, There is every reason to suppose that they have been enticed away by some ill-disposed White Person. Some of them have been seen coming out of Miss Keziah Barrow's Yard. The usual Reward will be given for apprehending and lodging them in the Barracks.
May 25, 1810.

Average Cash Prices of Produce in Stabroek this day.
Cotton - 15 1/2 to 16 stivs. Sugar - 3 to 3 1/2 stivers.
Coffee - 9 1/2 to 10. Rum (C. P) - 22 & 1/2

There has been no arrival since our last, and from the paucity of materials we are not enabled to lay before our Readers any thing more than a few articles from the Papers which we had previously ransacked.

Died. - On Thursday Night, Mr. M. Clarke.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last.
ENTERED. - None.
May 24 Brig Nabby, Capt. Ring, for Boston.

[no arrested slaves listing]

Stabroek: Printed and Published
Every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon
By Edward James Henery.


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