Demerary and Essequebo Royal Gazette 1815 January 10



Vol. X.] [Colophon] [No. 753.


Tuesday, January 10, 1815.

Doctor B. Thomas begs leave to inform the public in general, and his supporting friends in particular, that he has entered into a Copartnership with Doctor W. Page - a gentleman highly recommended to him by his friend Doctor J. Chapman; and he trusts, by this aiding assiduity and attention, to be enabled to do compleat justice, and render more satisfaction to those who may be pleased to employ him, than he has hitherto, by his frequent indispositions, been able to do. - January 10.

As well as in our own Government, we perceive (by the following) in that of a neigbouring Colony, an unusual degree of activity, in respect to expeditions into the interior. We also perceive similar humanity dictating the manner of proceeding; although not attended with similar success.
Berbice, Dec. 24. – The Expedition, sent into the woods on the 23d of November, on the east side of this river, under the command of F. L. Gallez, Commandant of the Canje Indians, returned on Thursday last, after successfully routing the settlement made by the Runaways, and destroying their houses and provisions. - The party were fifteen days out before the Runaway Camp was discovered near the creek Cabiejarie; and though the season proved extremely unfavorable, the perseverance of the Mr. Gallez and his detachment (in all 38 men) surmounted the difficulties of the weather, and by their vigilance and indefatigability, has ensured the success with which this expedition has been attended. His Excellency the Governor having directed that offers of pardon should be held out to the runaways; on the detachment reaching the encampment, Mr. Gallez dispatched a trusty Negroe, with a Proclamation written in large characters, inviting the slaves to return under promise of pardon; and to assure them on submission, no punishment should be inflicted on them; but on the messenger approaching their settlement the runaways all took to flight, nor could they be pravailed [sic] upon to listen to the overture held out to them - The detachment thereupon advanced in pursuit, and succeeded in recovering 5 women and 4 children - the males, (with exception of two who were killed in the pursuit,) escaping.
Mr. Gallez reports the stock of provisions possessed by the runaways, to have been exceedingly great, that their habitations were excellent, and their provision fields of all description in the most flourishing state, and sufficient for a far more numerous body, than of what this camp was composed.
From what was collected from the women brought in, the runaways had provisions grounds two days journey from their habitations now destroyed, but they add, that the situation of these grounds was carefully concealed from them.

George-Town, Demerary:
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