Demerary and Essequebo Royal Gazette 1815 January 17



Vol. X.] [Colophon] [No. 755.


Tuesday, January 17, 1815.

General Colonial Order,
17th January, 1815.
To-morrow, the Anniversary of Her Majesty's Birth, the George-Town Militia Brigade (Rifle Company excepted) will assemble on the General Parade, in Cumingsburgh, to fire a feu-de-joye, in honor of the day, at 12 o'clock.
The unmilitary and contumacious conduct of the Rifle Company, upon the last Anniversary of his Royal Highness the Prince Regent's Birth, is the cause of that Company not being permitted the honor of attending upon the present occasion.
By His Excellency & Command in Chief's Command,
J. T. Van Well,
Actg. Adjt. Gen. M. F.

The 18th, being the day on which the anniversary of Her Majesty's Birth, is usually commemorated - the accustomed loyal and appropriate proceedings, will commence at an early hour. In the evening, there will be a large dinner-party at Camp-House; for which preparation is making.

Market of George-Town. [heading]
Extract of the Regulations of the Market; being an Act of the Hon. Court of Policy, dated Sept. 10, 1801.
"That no Cattle, Sheep, goat, or Hog, may be killed in any part of the town, except at the place appointed for that purpose, provided the same be for sale;" and "that no Cattle, Calves, Sheep, Goats, or Hogs, shall be killed or sold before the Clerk shall have examined the same - and not to permit any to be slaughtered, before he shall have approved thereof - and in case of contradiction, such beast or animal to be forfeited."
It is therefore hereby required by the Undersigned, of all whom it may concern, that strict attention be paid to these Laws and Regulations - and furthermore, that all persons so slaughtering shall pay, for the benefit of the Market, the usual Fee. Those persons allowing Slaves to slaughter in the country, any animal intended for the Public Market, must supply them with a Pass directed to the Clerk for his examination - specifying what it is, and to pay the usual fee for every animal to brought to the Public Market.
(By Authority)
Jan. 7. Joseph Tayler, Clerk.

George-Town, Demerary:
Printed and Published every Tuesday and Saturday
By Edward James Henery.

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