Demerary and Essequebo Royal Gazette 1815 January 21



Vol. X.] [Colophon] [No. 756.


Saturday, January 21, 1815.

To Let. - That commodious Dwelling House, situated in Kingston district, between the Premises of Doctor Hicks and Mr. Arthur; possession to be had immediately. Also to hire, three Negro Women, one of them an excellent washer, the other two have been accustomed to house work, and to sell goods occasionally. Application to be made at the Royal Gazette Office. - January 21.

Absented herself, on Friday last, from Plantation Arno's Vale, a Buckeen named Yarico, well known in town, the property of Miss Bostock. A liberal reward will be given to any person who will lodge her in the Barracks, or bring her to her Owner; and all persons are cautioned against harbouring or taking her from the Colony.
Jan. 19. C. H. De Munnick, qq.

By Private Sale - Five Town-Lots in Cumingsburg District, George-Town, being No. 52, 53, 54, 55, and 56; the property of the late Joseph Hamer, Esqr. For Particulars, apply to the Subscriber, on Plantation Lusignan, or at the Store of Messrs. Simson, Grant, & Co.
January 20. John Wilson, qq.

Extract from the Minutes of the Proceedings of the Honorable Court of Criminal and Civil Justice, of the Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo, held at the Court House, George-Town, Demerary, on Thursday the 5th of January, 1815.
"The Court having taken into consideration the serious inconvenience Accounting Parties are put to, in not having their books returned to them in time, particularly at the end of the year, which prevents them from closing their accounts at that period; and the Court having further taken into consideration, that they would be enabled to examine such accounts with more facility, if they were all laid upon the table at a certain fixed period - it was resolved to direct all Accounting-Parties, Curators, Sequestrators, Administrators, and all others, appointed by the Court, or under their controul [sic], to give in their Accounts, properly prepared and made up, with the Vouchers thereto belonging, for examination, on or before the 31st of July, of each year; when the Court, after referring them to the Sworn-Accountant of this Court, will immediately proceed, on the coming in of his Report, to examine and pass the same at their next session.
"And the Secretary is hereby directed to publish an Extract from the Minutes, of this Resolution; of which all parties interested therein, are desired to take due notice."
(A True Extract.)
Alex. Tinne, Clk, Ct. Just.

Sequestration of Plantation Kleyn Paris.
Executor & Trusteeship of the Estate of E. L. Bohm.
Executorship of the Estate of J. Kofoed.
Executorship of the Estate of L. A. T. Pilippart. [sic]
The Honorable Court of Justice, by its Order, bearing date the 13th of January, 1815, having referred the Accounts of
L. Hartensveld and F. W. Tuckerman, Sequestrators of Plantation Kleyn Paris - of P. C. Ouckama, Executor, and G. A. de Villeneuve and F. Horn, Trustees, to the Estate of E. L. Bohm - of J. B. Theyssen and W. A. Prins, Executors to the Estate of Johanna Kofoed - and of B. Hebbelinck and N. M. Manget, Executors to the Estate of L. A. T. Philippart –
to me, as Sworn-Accountant of the Honourable Court of Justice, to report thereon:
Notice is hereby given, to all persons interested therein, that I will attend at my Office, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, holidays excepted, from the hours of 10 to 12 in the forenoon, for the space of one month from the date hereof, in order to enable such persons to inspect the said accounts, and state their objections or observations in writing. At the expiration of which time, I shall make up my report in the above matters, and of which (if required) the parties may obtain an Office Copy, at their own expence, three days previous to the next Session of the Court; when such report will be laid before the said Honorable Court, for their final decision thereon.
Demerary, January 21, 1815.
F. A. Vernede.

A. Carron, in 14 days, or six weeks, from January 2, 1815.
H. Van Kerkwyk, by the First Convoy, from January 2.
John Dixon, in 14 days, or 6 weeks, from January 4.
R. D. Jeffers, and a servant, in 14 days or six weeks, from January 7.
J. A. Janssen, and servant, in 14 days, or First Convoy, from January 10.
Thomas, Andrew, and Edward, three children of Andrew Thompson, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from January 10.
The negro woman Charlotte, formerly the property of Doctor John Frye, in 14 days or 6 weeks from January 10.
John Wittington, in 14 days, or First Convoy, from January 11.
H. J. C. Neuwieller, in 14 days, or First Convoy, from January 11.
John D. Seelig, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from January 13.
J. C. Thierens, in 14 days, or First Convoy, from Jan. 13.
The Negro Girl Nelly, with her five children, formerly the property of John Franklin, in 14 days, from Jan. 16.
James Laurie, in 14 days or First Convoy, from January 17.
Thomas Parke, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from January 17.
John O'Neil, in 14 days or 6 weeks from January 17.
W. Pringle, in 14 days or First Convoy, from January 19.
Owen Kernan, in 14 days or a month, from January 19.
Jerry Macfie, in 14 days or First Convoy, from January 19.
Hector Munro, in 14 days from January 19.
W. S. Macintosh, in 14 days or six weeks, from January 19.
Alexander Simon, in 14 days or six weeks, from January 19.
S. De Vries, in 14 days or the ship Vreede, from January 20.
John M'Kirdy, in 14 days or six weeks, from January 20.
The Negro Man Jasper Morgan, the property of Miss Eleanor Blair, in 14 days or First Convoy, from January 20.
Pierre Forsans, in 14 days or six weeks, from January 20.
Thos. Chilcutt, in 14 days or six weeks, from January 20.
James Campbell, in 14 days or six weeks, from January 20.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, January 21, 1815.
Charles Wilday,
Sworn Clerk.

At the Commissary-Court of the 6th of February, 1815,
will be passed the following
Transports and Mortgages;
1. By J. A. Otto, Transport of Pl. Jacoba Constantia, situated on the south-bank of the Canal No. 1, on the west-side of the River Demerary, with a number of 25 slaves - to Mrs. A. Van Dyk, Representative of the late C. Van Dyk, deceased.
2. By Sarah Deveral, free coloured woman, Transport of all her right, title, and interest, in the unexpired lease of the half-lot No. 24, with all the buildings thereon, situated in Middle-Street, Bridge-Town - to John H. Hendy.
3. By J. M'Kirdy, Transport of Pl. Walton hall, situated on the Aroabische or West Sea coast of Essequebo, together with a number of 81 slaves, the names thereof to be seen at this Office, and further, with all the Buildings, Cultivation, and other appurtenances, thereto belonging - to Benjamin Kingston.
4. By Benjamin Kingston, a mortgage on the above Plantation Walton Hall, with a number of 81 slaves, and additional number of 76 slaves, the names thereof to be seen at this office - in favor of J. M'Kirdy.
5. By the Representatives of John Lewis, Transport of one undivided half of Plantation Foulis, situated on the East Sea Coast of Demerary, with all the Slaves, Buildings, and further appurtenances - to the Representatives of George Worrall.
6. By the Representatives of Thomas Cuming, deceased, Transport of Lot No. 227, in Cumingsburg district - to G. Gellie.
7. By Robert Gault, Transport of Lot No. 102, situated in Cumingsburg district, with all the Buildings thereon - to the Heirs of W. Gibson.
8. By Edward Bishop, Jun. Transport of Plantation Westbury, or Lot No. 17, situated on the West Sea Coast of Essequebo, with all the Buildings thereon - to Mary Lowe.
9. By the Representatives of Thomas Cuming, deceased, Transport of Lots No. 200 and 201, situated in Cumingsburg district to the Minors Kitty and Thomas, coloured children of the free woman Hellen [sic] Butler.
10. By the Representatives of Thomas Cuming, deceased, Transport of lot No. 202, situated as before - to Isabella, daughter of the free mustie woman Sarah Eddy.
11. By J. C. Thierens, a Second Mortgage on his two-fifth parts in Plantation Wisselvalligheid, cum annexis, situated on Leguan Island - in favor of P. C. Ouckama.
12. By Daniel Mercurius, free black man, Transport of a certain Piece of Land, 50 roods facade, by 750 roods depth, situated on the upper line of Plantation Twee Gebroedres, [sic] in the River Essequebo - to C. G. Feeker.
13. By Peter Verbeke, Transport of all his right, title, and interest, in the unexpired Lease of Lot No. 6, with all the Buildings thereon, situated in front of Plantation Vlissingen - to Mark Dyett & Co.
14. By C. C. De Witt, Transport of 20 Negroes, the names thereof to be seen at this Office - to R. F. Helleman, q.q. Plantation Maria's Pleasure.
15. By R. B. Knight, Transport of the Western two-thirds of the Concession or Lot No. 57, situate in Cumingsburg district, with all the Buildings thereon - to N. W. Pollard.
16. By the Executors of W. Good. deceased, Transport of Plantation Anjou, situated in Mahaicony, with all the Negroes, Buildings, and further appurtenances, thereto belonging - to Thomas C. Long.
17. By Thomas C. Long, Transport of the said Plantation Anjou, cum annexes - to M. Smit.
18. By M. Marx, Transport of the South-half of Lot No. 7, situated in Werk en Rust district - to R. D. Jeffers.
19. By John M'Kirdy, Transport of Plantation Land of Promise, or No. 73, situated on the West Sea Coast of Essequebo, with all the Buildings, Cultivation, and a number of 85 Slaves, the names thereof to be seen at this Office.
20. By C. Bean, a Mortgage vested on said Plantation Land of Promise, or No. 73, cum annexis - in favor of John M'Kirdy.
Secretary's Office, January 21, 1815.
Charles Wilday, Sworn-Clerk.

Anniversary of Her Majesty's Birth-Day. [heading]
On Wednesday last, pursuant to the Order of the day before, the George-Town Battalion, Demerary Militia, assembled at an early hour - preparatory to the usual ceremonial on such occasions.
At, or about eleven o'clock, they marched to the Parade in Cumingsburg, and formed immediately on the left of the 60th Regiment: - a field-piece of the respective corps, marking the extreme wings of the whole line.
At the usual period, His Excellency the Commander in Chief and Suit, made their appearance; and the business of the filed commenced under the immediate auspices of Colonel Codd: - Major Tulloh of the Militia, repeating the word to his own troops.
The inclemency of the weather however, so far prevailed on the considerate mind of the Commander in Chief, that he dispensed with every manoeuvre, not absolutely necessary; - first riding round the line - next receiving the present - then waiting the fue [sic] de-joye: - on the conclusion of which, he left the field: - followed soon after by both battalions.
At one o'clock, the vessels in the river, commencing with His Majesty's brig Chanticleer, saluted as usual - They had been dressed, in honour of the day, from early dawn, in all the pride of maritime magnificence. The Fort also paid its customary respects.
In the evening, cards of invitation having been sent to a considerable number, the Camp-house became the seat of an hospitality, every way worthy of the host, the occasion and the guests; - the latter, consisting of the heads of Departments, and the most distinguished of the other classes of the community. They sat down to an elegant dinner; - and afterward spent the evening in characteristic conviviality - intermixed with those loyal sentiments, which the day, the place, and the majority of the company, were particularly calculated to inspire.
In justice to the 60th Regiment, we must confess never to have seen more steadiness under arms or facility of movement: - circumstance, which speak much for the discipline of the corps, and reflects considerable honor on its Colonel-Commandant - whose unremitted attention is thereby recompenced, in the manner certainly most agreeable to an Officer. The Militia, also on that day, was truly respectable.


In the Colony-Stock of Demerary.



Brought by


P. Benjamin



Pl. La Penitence


Betty Ann





Pl. La Repentir


Iver and Co.

R. Marshall


Derrick, or Estate De Munnick




Pl. Lust & Rust



Engineer Depart.


Pl. Perth

Pl. Penitence [sic]


Pl. Adventure

Pl. Kitty

12 Bush negroes

Pl. Sarah




Pl. Thomas


C. Gerber

Pl. Werk & Rust


R. Rynders

Pl. Werk & Rust


De Weever

Pl. Free & Easy


W. Douglas

Dienaars, by order of Jackman


Pl. Philadelphia

Demerary Ferry


M'Inroy & Co.

Van Grovestine


H. B. Fraser

Pl. Vive La Force


E. Fraser



Mrs. Bell



J. W. Robinson

A. F. Harrower



Mahaica Ferryman


Pl. Union

J. Macdonald


Pl. Lethfield (Ber.)

Douglas, Reid, & Co.

January 21. F. Strunkay, Scout.

George-Town, Demerary:
Printed and Published every Tuesday and Saturday
By Edward James Henery.

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