Demerary and Essequebo Royal Gazette 1815 January 24



Vol. X.] [Colophon] [No. 757.


Tuesday, January 24, 1815.

The Creditors of the late Mr. A. J. J. Van Den Heuvel, are requested to give in a statement of their claims to the undersigned, as soon as possible, in order that the necessary arrangements may be made for carrying into effect the agreement entered into with them, by the deceased, and which has been sanctioned by the Hon. Court of Justice.
Colin Macrae,
q.q. the Estate of the late A. J. J. Van den Heuvel.
N.B. Letters addressed with the above, left at Mr. D. Smith's, will be duly forwarded.
January 24.

Advertentie. [heading]
Nicholas Volkerts te vooren Burger en inwoonder deeser Colonie, en thans ge-Etabliseerd [sic] in Amsterdam, No. 61, S'Graven Hekje, recommandeerd sig aan zyne oude Vrienden en Kennissen, en het ge-Eerd Publiek, tot het verrigte van hunne commissien, &c. Hy vertrouwd, dat hy door zyne kennis van het Locale der Colonie Steptheyd, Spoed en Civielheyd in het tytvoeren zyne orders hy alle genoegen zal geven. Hy verwagt egter dalyke remisen by het geven van orders daar zyne omstandigheeden hem niet permiteren in verschotten te treeden zonde hy de orders waarmeede hy ver-Eerd Vriend zender dien niet kunnen ter uytvoer brengen. - January 24.

For Sale, by the Subscriber, at Prime Cost, for Cash only (as he is leaving the Colony in a short time) the following Medicines: - Bark, Rhubarb, Camphor, Sal Glauber, Sal nitri, Sal Ammoniac, Manna, Spirits of Hartshorn, Gum Arabac [sic], Musk, Blue Stone, Plaisters, assorted Vials, Town, Mortars, &c.
An approved Purchaser, if he takes the whole, may have it on reasonable credit.
January 24 J. H. Reiss.

General Colonial Order. [heading]
Promotions and Appointments in the Demerary Militia,
A. Simpson, Gent. to be Captain, vice Eberhardi, deceased.
First Battalion Demerary Militia,
Lieutenant W. Cook, to be Captain, vice Madden, who retires.
To be Lieutenants:
Supernumerary-Lieutenant J. Beete, from the 4th Battalion, Demerary Militia.
Supernumerary-Lieutenant J. Gentle, from the 3d Battalion, Demerary Militia.
Supernumerary-Lieutenant J. Hadfield, from the Essequebo Militia, vice Simson, invalided.
D. Campbell, gent. vice Grant, promoted.
R. F. Hellemann, gent. vice Cook, promoted.
L. P. Van Braam, Gent. vice H. B. Fraser, exempted.
J. D. Learmont, Gent. vice Benjamin, invalided.
Serjeant J. H. Luyken, vice M'Kenzie, superseded [sic], as being absent without leave.
A. D. Guthrie, Gent. vice Cary, superseded, as being absent without leave.
Quarter-Master-Serjeant G. Baker, to be Quarter-Master, vice Murray, invalided.
Serjeant R. J. Gault, to be Quarter-Master-Serjeant.
E. L. Christiani, Gent. to be Provost Marshal, vice Capt. C. M. Brotherson, retired.
H. Wiley, to be Surgeon, vice Gill, removed from the district.
George-Town, Demerary, 23d January, 1815.
By His Excellency's Command
J. T. Van Well,
Actg. Adjt. Gen. M. F.

George-Town, Demerary:
Printed and Published every Tuesday and Saturday
By Edward James Henery.

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