Demerary and Essequebo Royal Gazette 1815 April 08


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Vol. X.] [Colophon] [No. 778.


Saturday, April 8, 1815.

Cumingsburg, April the 10th. [sic] [heading]
The brigantine Joseph, arrived from Barbados on Saturday, and has not only put us in possession of important articles of American origin, but of European also -

In our Gazette of the 1st instant, we announced the capture of two British sloops of war, by the American frigate Constitution, and of her own immediate danger. The following, on that subject, is from the Barbados Mercury of the 25th ultimo: -
"It is with much regret that we have to acquaint our readers, with the capture of two of our sloops of war, the Levant of 20 guns, and Cyane of 20, by the Constitution American ship of war. The former, we understand, about one hundred miles to the westward of Porto Santo, and was sustaining a running fight when the Cyane hove in sight, and made sail to her assistance; but, from the Constitution having got to windward, and being able to bring her long guns to bear upon the Levant, whose carronades were not of any use in returning the fire, she was compelled to surrender, having had six men killed and fifteen wounded. The enemy afterwards succeeded in capturing the Cyane; and they were cruising in company until the 12th instant (March), when they were seen by the Leander, Sir G. Collier, with the Newcastle and Acasta, off Porto Praya, in the island of St. Jago, one of the Cape de Verdes. The Leander had the good fortune to retake the Levant, (which arrived here this morning, but the Constitution and Cyane escaped, pursued, however, by the Newcastle and Acasta."

A List of Estates in Demerary and Essequebo


Vol. X.] [Colophon] [No. 778.


Saturday, April 8, 1815.
[This issue appears as a single page in the microfilm]

A Brig from North America, arrived last night: - she spoke the Packet for these Colonies, on Tuesday last, going into Surinam.

IMPORTANT. [heading]
Four, P. M. - Capt. Thompson, of His Majesty's brig Chanticleer, has just landed, and confirms the news of yesterday. The Lieutenant-Governor has in consequence, we understand, determined to permit the Merchant Vessels now loading, to sail for Europe, when and how the merchants may think proper.

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