Demerary and Essequebo Royal Gazette 1815 April 11



Vol. X.] [Colophon] [No. 779.


Tuesday, April 11, 1815.

Birmingham Nugent, in 14 days or April Convoy, March 15.
Mrs. Jones and a Servant in ditto from ditto.
J. Samms, in ditto from ditto. George Manson, in a month or six weeks from ditto.
George Manson, in a month or six weeks from ditto.
W. J. King, in 14 days or April Convoy from March 17.
Miss E. D. Baart, by the April Convoy, from March 20.
J. B. Leach, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from March 20.
William Cook, in 14 days, or by Brig Bridget, from March 20.
Nancy Brown, coloured woman, in 14 days or April Convoy, from March 21.
J. J. Kotwyk, in 14 days or April Convoy, from March 21.
Thomas Austin, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from March 22.
Mrs. Heineken, and her son Theodore, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from March 22.
James J. Knight, and Lady, by the April Convoy, from March 25.
William W. Good, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from March 24.
Charles Parsons, in 14 days or with the April Convoy, from March 24.
Mrs. Furnace and a servant, in 14 days or April Convoy, from March 27.
The Free Coloured Frances Halloran, in 14 days or April Convoy, from March 27.
Thomas Finlayson, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from March 27.
John Evans, in 14 days or April Convoy, from March 27.
M. C. Behrens and lady, by April Convoy, from March 27.
Roderick Mackenzie, in 14 days, from March 27.
J. G. Reed and Lady, and 3 servants, from March 27.
Michael Dyett and a servant, in 14 days, from March 27.
Mrs. M. Richard, born Gaudin, in 14 days, from March 29.
Joseph Rigano, Free Negro, in 14 days, from March 29.
Owen Kernan, by the April Convoy, or in 3 weeks, from March 29.
George Barry, Free Coloured Man, in 14 days or 6 weeks - from March 29.
William McTurk, in 14 days or 6 weeks - from March 30.
Kitty Campbell, Free Coloured, in 14 days or 6 weeks - from March 30.
John Halman, in 14 days or 6 weeks - from March 31.
J. C. Thierens, in 14 days or April Convoy - from March 31.
Dr. Hollingsworth, and his family, with two servants, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from April 1.
Edward Higgins, by the April Fleet, from April 1.
J. W. Runcie, in 14 days or six weeks, from April 3.
P. Massiah, and Servant, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from April 4.
Dr. D. Ditmars, in 14 days or six weeks, from April 4.
Philip Maclement, in 14 days or April Convoy, from April 4.
Thomas Doland, by the April Convoy, from April 4.
The Free Coloured Eliza Heathcote, in 14 days or six weeks, from April 4.
Two Negroes, named Jack and Mary, the property of T. St. Hill, Esq. in 14 days or six weeks, from April 4.
Doctor John Morrison, in a month or 6 weeks, from April 7.
Katharine Barrett, and Servant, by the April Fleet, from April 8.
Richard Young, in 14 days or six weeks, from April 8.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, April 8, 1815.
Charles Wilday,
Sworn Clerk.

EXTRACT [heading]
The Minutes of an Extraordinary Meeting of the
Honourable Court of Policy, of the Colony of
Demerary and Essequebo, held at the
Court-House, George-Town,
Thursday, 6th April, 1815.
"The Court having attentively considered the petitions, with the certificates and other documents thereto attached, of the Black and Coloured People, who had been called upon to appear before it, on the 20th, 21st, 22d, and 23d of March last; after mature deliberation came to the following resolutions:
"That the petitioners who under authority of bills of sale, deeds of gift, free papers, &c. given in as a claim to freedom in compliance of Colonel Cood's [sic - Codd] proclamation of the 18th September 1813, and who have been living ten years and upwards in a state of reputed freedom and conducted themselves with decency, propriety and in obedience to the laws of the Colony, shall together with their children, their names being first published agreeable to the present regulations,) receive letters of manumission at the lowest expence those regulations can admit of, viz. three hundred and sixty guilders. The Governor and Colony giving up in this instance the one his fee, and the other the duty, and the Secretary greatly reducing his just pretensions; and lastly the contributions to the poor chest, being rated at its lowest sum.
The Court however except from the above special favor, such children of fathers of affluance [sic] and competent to support them; as such parents are bound by every natural consideration to provide for their want and necessities - they also except those who tho' reputed free ten years or upwards, may from bad conduct have shewn themselves unworthy of this indulgence.
"And the Court, taking further into consideration the Class of Petitioners of the above description, but who have been living reputed free, for any period short of ten years, that such Petitioners shall, at the full complement of ten years, (to be calculated from the date of the respective documents given in by them) also be entitled, together with their children, to receive Letters of Manumission, on the same terms and subject to the same exceptions, as the First Class.
"The Court, at the same time, leaves it open to the Petitions, to apply in the regular manner, for Letters of Manumission should they be desirous to shorten the period of probation; and the Court is further pleased to declare, that in case of the death of a Petitioner, as above, during the period of probation, the surviving children of such petitioner, shall be entitled to receive their Manumission, on the same terms, and at the same period, which their parents would have been entiled [sic] to receive them at, under these regulations.
"Petitioners of the First Class, two months from this date, can then apply to the Colonial Secretary's Office - when they will find their petitions fiated, if not objected to, on the foregoing exceptions; and after their names shall have been advertised in the Public Papers, (provided no opposition is made thereto) shall forthwith receive Letters of Manumission, on the payment of f 360, in full of every charge and expence.
"Those of the Second Class, may also apply at the same time as above; when they will find such appointments on their petitions, as will assure them, that at the expiration of the period of their probation, they and their children, provided their conduct in the mean time has not made them unworthy - will receive Letters of Manumission, at the same rate of f 360. They being bound and required nevertheless, to exhibit at the Office of the Government Secretary, and the respective Fiscals, in the district where they reside, such petition and appointment - in order that the same may be duly registered in their offices, on penalty of non-compliance, of forfeiting their right to this indulgence.
"And lastly, it was resolved that the Secretary do publish the foregoing Resolutions, for the information of all those whom it may concern."
A True Extract.
Charles Wilday, Clk. Ct. Policy.

The Fox packet, Capt. Tilly, arrived yesterday. She left England on the 28th of February. Her London Papers are to the 25th.

Public Vendues. [heading] . . .
On Monday the 24th of April, by order of M. Van Kerkwyk, Esq. the following List of Pretensions belonging to the Estate of the late Alexander MacNabb: -
1. Accepted Account of F. Smith f 19 5
2. Acceptance of S. F. Liot 144 10
3. G. Varnhagen 8 15
4. G. Ross 266
5. Schwiers & Downer 600
6. William Lawrence 165
7. R. B. Knight 1600
8. J. Griffith 1200
9. F. M'Intosh 1489
10. J. H. Hobrecker 3 2 8
11. Small & Evans 90 13
12. Ditto in favor of Corbet 89 18
13. E. T. Painter 274 10
14. Brillman 53
15. C. F. V. Kohler 936
16. J. Barry q.q. J. F. Marshall 115 10
17. G. Brown, Berbice 591
18. J. F. Schultz 164 2
19. C. Singleton 44
20. L. Barnes, payable in carpenter's work 100
21. A. Duncan 160 5
22. Protested Bill of Exchange of P. A. Moller, balance 1st April, 1809 on interest 2633 16
23. Receipt of the Attorney at Law De Veer, for a Pretension given into Court, against the Estate of T. Harriot 2129
24. John Trulock's Order on Black & Iver q.q. protested 214 5
25. Andrew Pieters q.q. Order on G. Craig 40 10
26. Duncan M'Vicar's Order on R. Nugent 779 10
27. A Bill of Exchange of G. Laing, protested, for part a Receipt of L 80-5, is on the back of the original Bill, the Bill is L 180-5 (blank)
28. Account against the Estate of A. Knight, balance 2161 6
29. Ditto as above against James Knight 1935 12
30. T. Unthank's Order on W. M'Bean 330
31. An Order on Lieut. Airy on Cooken, paymaster, protested 362
32. A protested Secretary's Office account against James Robertson 66
33. Account Current and Acceptance against J. Campbell, deceased 3233
34. J. Knight's Order for 10 gallons of Rum, and a Bill of Sale for a 1/2 Lot of Land in Cumingsburg, No. 189.
35. An Account against Brumell & Heyliger, balance 1532 6 8
36. An Account against Pl. Exmouth 320
37. A Pretension against Colin Douglas and the late J. Macpherson, the one for the other, as having jointly acted as Executors to the last Will of Alex. MacNabb, deceased, proceeding from a balance of account as Joint Executors, amounting together to f 4941-0-15 - for which now a suit is pending before the Honourable Court.
The Book Debts on Saturday.
April 5. Kingston & Mills.


In the Colony-Jail of Demerary & Essequebo.



Brought by

12 Bush negroes

Pl. Sarah



Pl. Elizabeth Hall

C. Game


Pl. Perth



Capt. Jorhnes

Rose & Croal


Pl. Ruimveld



Pl. Bats. Adventure





Now Now


Pl. Meerzorg


H. S. Thomas

Pl. Velzerhoofd

Tomsin & her child Davy.

E. Davis






Inglis (Berbice)


April 8. F. Strunkay, Scout.

George-Town, Demerary:
Printed and Published every Tuesday and Saturday
By Edward James Henery.

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