Demerary and Essequebo Royal Gazette 1815 May 23



Vol. X.] [Colophon] [No. 791.


Tuesday, May 23, 1815.

Prescilla M. Thompson, [heading]
Has received the following Choice Assortment of Goods, per Brig Rambler, Capt. Carruthers, viz:
Linen and cotton tick, white and coloured marseilles waistcoat patterns, superfine French cambric, superfine bombazeen and bombazette, light bule and white satin, black and pink spot sarcenets, rich figured silk handkerchiefs, bleached and unbleached Russia sheeting, superfine Welch flannel, ladies' black silk and cotton stockings and gloves, thread lace and footing, cotton ditto, ditto black and white squares and veils, white veils spangled for head dresses, white down feathers, rich silk scarf shawls, square and half shawles [sic], a complete assortment of ribbons, white and green Oldenburg fringe, best wash-leather and other gloves, Wellington and habit hats with feathers, &c. children's ditto ditto, white, light blue, and pink satins, hats trimmed with lace, &c. rich silk net caps, satin bodies of various colours and fashions, sarcenet mantles and spencers of various colours, rich satin and sacrenet dresses, trimed [sic] lace, &c. rich net dresses with sarcenet slips, full trimmed, rich crape ditto, ditto black lace cloaks trimmed, muslin caps, tippets worked and plain, green crape, cambric and other buttons, elegant fans, whale bone and steel for ladies' dresses, a book-case with glass doors, &c. complete, a secretary, tortoise-shell and rose-wood tea caddies, tortoise shell and morocco work boxes, ladies' work tables and foot stools, swing dressing glasses with drawers, red fram or buck glasses, an elegant fashionable sideboard with carved legs and commode front, a pair of handsome knife cases, children's cradles, gentlemen's shoes, ladies' black velvet, morocco, white kid, and coloured shoes, ditto boodts, children's boots and shoes, gintlemen's and ladies' cotton stockings, children's ditto, Irish linen and long lawn, huckaback, linen and cotton check, salempores, calicoes, pullicat and Madras handkerchiefs, white India jean, black jean and nankenet, silver soup ladles, silver table and tea spoons and porter cups, umbrellas and parasols, real pearl beads, barcelets and broaches, sets varigated cornelians, consisting of necklaces, bracelets, ear-rings, broaches and finger rings; mourning ear-rings, diamond, topaz, sapphire, and gold ear-rings; gold lockets and finger rings, fine gold chains, ditto watch chains and keys; an assortment of bibles, prayer books, hymns, and school books; nests blue, green, and red leather trunks, large and small sized blankets, negro jackets lined and unlined, long Dutch pipes, negro ditto, hair mattresses with feather pillows, patent night lamps with fire boxes, matches, wicks, and child's pan, extra matches and wicks for ditto, Palmer's pen boxes, Packwood's razor strops, razors, penknives and scissars, white and black ivory handled knives and forks, with carvers to match, buck and bone handled ditto ditto, sailors' knives, brass and iron desk and drawer locks and hinges, a complete assortment of cut and plain glass, a green edged and white ditto, sets China and blue printed tea and coffee survices, sets plated castors, neat cut bottles, sets morocco ditto ditto, raisins in boxes, account books ruled - and various other articles from former importations, comprising a complete assortment, on very moderate terms. - May 23.

George-Town, Demerary:
Printed and Published every Tuesday and Saturday
By Edward James Henery.

{Transcriber's note: the following supplement for this date appears after the issue for May 27, 1815 in the microfilm]

Supplement to the Royal Gazette [centered]
Of Tuesday the 23d of May, 1815.

[No volume number or issue number]

[reprints treaty of peace and amity between England and the United States]

The Subscriber having been granted, many years ago, (for services performed to the Colony) the Sole right of Cutting Timber on the land between Hababoe and Camoeny Creeks, aback of the Double Depths of the Estates in the River; and His Excellency Major-General Murray, having lately been pleased to confirm said Grant, reserving a right to these Estates that they have timber land aback to cut what they may require for their own use: - He (the Subscriber) therefore publicly warns every person not so entitled, from cutting on the said lands without his permission; and as there are a number of Negroes constantly in Hababoe with corials, on the pretence of hunting and fishing, as well as others taking up a temporary residence there on the pretence of curing themselves of sores and sickness, but who, it is suspected, have been in the habits of carrying on a correspondence between the Bush Negroes and those on the Estates in the neighbourhood - he also warns every person from allowing their Negroes to resort there on any pretext without a pass, otherwise they will be sent to the Barracks.
Demerary, May 20, 1815.
Charles Edmonston.

George-Town, Demerary:
Printed and Published every Tuesday and Saturday
By Edward James Henery.


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