Demerary and Essequebo Royal Gazette 1815 June 13



Vol. X.] [Colophon] [No. 797.


Tuesday, June 13, 1815.

The Undersigned, as Executor to S. E. Kennedy deceased, having granted all the indulgence possible, to those indebted to the Estate of the Deceased, now requests that such persons will come forward with payment immediately, as having paid no attention to the former advertisements - otherwise, without exception to persons, the accounts, &c. will be put into the hands of a lawyer for recovery. And all those having demands against the said Estate, are requested to render in their accounts, to Messrs. Yearwood and Allstrom, or to T. Thompson, Cumingsburg, for examination, in order to bring the said boedel to a close as speedily as possible.
James Eburne, q.q.

June 12. - Brig Ann Mackenzie, Oxley, for Liverpool.
Ship Charlotte, Fryer, London.

Boedel - Madison. [heading]
"The day after the Ratification of the Treaty of Peace, was sold at Public Auction, to the highest bidder, at the Ruins of the Navy Yard, in Washington City, to close the concern - all the Stock in Trade of James Madison (he having quitted that line of business) - consisting of.
True- American-manufactured Goods!
1. Documents and disclosures of John Henry and Edward Count de Crillon - first cost 30,000 dollars - as true and valuable as when new!
2. Best New-London Blue Lights - warranted that the lights burn blue.
3. Six thousand two hundred and fifty seven Impressed Seamen - then "groaning in hopeless bondage on board British floating Hells!" - embalmed and warranted to keep till next war, like Egyptian mummies, fresh and sweet.
4. A quantity of Grundy's Best Moral Treason - in bottles, with Gordian-knots, twisted round their necks.
5. A beautiful assortment of Torpedoes, Gerry Manders, and Gunboats. The Secretary of the Navy explained their virtues.
6. Free Trade and Sailors' Rights - also in bottles - put up seven years ago - improved by age.
7. Embargoes - from No. 1 to No. 9 inclusive - enough "to husband the essential resources" of all mankind.
8. Non Intercourse - from No. 1 to 5 - and Non Importation, from 1 to 3. These last military articles and weapons of war, formed a complete assortment of cutlery and hardware.
9. Commercial Restrictions - an odd volume - the first volume, called "Continental System," having been lost.
10. Nova Scotia Coal - "let fire burn and cauldron bubble."
11. A few lots of Land in Cambridge - taken at the war price, 2160 dollars an acre.
12. Military and Naval Conscription, in two volumes, by James Monroe and W. Jones - a work compiled from the best French authorities.
13. The fleet Charger of the Commander in Chief, on which he raced from the battle ground of Bladenburg - warranted to run an enemy bull down in twenty minutes; peace and straitened circumstances alone reconciled the owner to part with so valuable and safe a beast.
And many other similar State-Articles.

Public Vendues. [heading]
On Wednesday the 28th of June, by order of M. Smit, at his late Store opposite the Marshal's Office, viz. - The House and Half-Lots No. 72 and 73, situated on the South-dam, Stabroek. These Premises are well worth the attention of a genteel family, having a handsome garden, and good out-buildings, all in complete repair. Also, three cows and a calf, and a good healthy negro man. - Furniture, consisting of tables and chairs, sophas, beds and bedding, several elegant pictures with gilt frames, ditto looking glasses, glass and earthen ware, a piano forte, wall shades and globe lamps, a mahogany cabinet, a cylender [sic], a bureau, a sideboard, a pendulum with marble pillars and guilt work, a chaise and harness, and several other articles. Also, three Concessions No. 351, 352, and 353, situated in Cumingsburg - they will be either sold together, or separate to suit purchasers.
June 13. Kingston & Mills.

George-Town, Demerary:
Printed and Published every Tuesday and Saturday
By Edward James Henery.

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