We the Subscribers, Inhabitants on several Estates on the East Sea Coast of the River Demerara.

Having these three months past rejoiced in the opportunity afforded us of being put in mind of the Word of God by the preacing ot the Revd John Wray (a faithful Missionary) lately arrived from Gosport Seminary under the Direction of the London Missionary Society and engaged in the capacity of a Chaplain in the Family of H. H. Post Esqre proprietor of Plantation Le Re Souvenir,

Are at this moment alarmed & have much cause of lamentation, accasionaed by a current report purporting that the Governor & Coucnil of the Colony have made such regulations as will tend to prohibit the labours of Mr Wray. Labours which have already proved of much use, and highly beneficial to our (in this Country) too much depraved souls. Labours which have inspired the Coloured and black people with reverence and obedience.

At the desire of H. H. Post Esqr one of the oldest inhabitants and Proprietors in this Colony who feels anxious that he should not be suspected of having introduced any thing inimical to the safety of the Country.

Declare under tender of Oath that as often as we have attended his public Wotship, the demeanour of the whole congregation (consisting of people of different colour & situations in life) has inspired us with attention and reverence; that after the singing Hymns are Psalms and Prayers for the good and prosperity of His Majesty, the Government and inhabitants of the Colony, suitable discourses from the holy Word of God are selected and delivered tending to inform the hearers what they are and what they ought to be and in what manner and through what means they can obtain happiness in that awful Eternity which awaits them beyond the Grave discourse which clearly point out the duties of man and specially that servants should serve and obey their masters Ephes: 6.5 as agreeable to God.

We further declare that in our different situations as Managers or overseers or any capacities on Estates we have observed in those people who are under our special care and have atttended these religious exercises the good effect the preaching of the word of God has already had not only on them but also on those who have not attended yet have heard the good report from others who [..] wait upopn the ministry and have sat about enquiring after that which is good and lawful, thus adding to the safety of the Colony by multiplying the number of convinced supporters of the general good oreder & discipline.

We pray that our declaration may be the means of inducing the members of Governement to take proper and impartial information on the subject which may lead them to be the Protectors and not the Persectors of such as wish to serve their God, their King and Country in very faithfulness and sincerity.

Demerara East Sea Coast
The 2nd of May 1808
F v TieneManager of Beterhoop
F van Tiene sroverseer of Beterhoop
J H Van CootenManager of Vryheidslust Sheet Anchor
Nicho. Van Cootenson to the Proprietor of Pls Vryheidslust & Sheet Anchor
James Mackidowner of a Jobbing Gang
John NobleManager La Bonne Intention
William BlackCarpenter on Leudragh & Monrepose
G. H. Midd[..]BookKeeper from P Re Souvenir
John BrandrethCarpenter on Chateau Margo
J. C. DowbigginsManager Pl Success
Thos HarrisOverseer Do
J F de L WaarDirector of Le Pl Le Re Souvenir
E. HenryOverseer Pl Lindragh
Kenneth MacKenzieditto Pl Monrepos
Alex ThomsonCarpenter on Lusegnan
James GustardPl Chateau Margo