A Journal Containing various

occurrences at Le Resouvenir


Commenced in March, 1817

By John Smith, Missionary

March 6, 1817

Thursday, March 6th, 1817 after being introduced to Gen. Murray the Governor of Demerary by Rev John Davies, I obtained his permission to preach the gospel to the slaves in the Colony, but that it was necessary I should procure a licence, which I understood would cost 1 joe. About 1/2 past 5 o'clock Mrs Smith arrived at Le Resouvenir estate, formerly the property of H Post Esqr, but now belonging to Mr Post's widow, who married Mr van der Haas, since deceased. Mrs van der Haas is now in Holland and lives at Leyden.

This is our appointed station: the mission was commenced in Feb, 1809 by Rev John Wray.

The place has been forsaken more than 12 months. Everything appeared very gloomy, but we hoped that God would make us happy in our new station.

Mar 7

Friday morning. I told 3 or 4 of the people that I intended to preach in the evening and desired they would inform the others. In the evening I enquired who had been sexton during Mr Wray's time, Peter I was informed; therefore I called for him & requested him to continue his former office. He told me he would. Peter then went to light the candles; after which he rang the bell for service. In about a quarter of an hour after the bell rang many of the people came to the house to congratulate me on my arrival. I told them I was glad to see them & hoped they would come regularly to chapel. One of them (Gringo) replied, "You no so glad we massa; massa glad, we glad much." They promised to attend the preaching. At 1/2 past 7 I went over to the chapel, where I preached to about 400 people. Perhaps they came from curiosity, but I pray that the word spoken (from Rom 5:8) may be blessed to their souls.

Mar 8

Nothing particular occurred

Sunday, Mar 9

Preached from 1 Pet 3:18 although a very wet morning the chapel was nearly full. After service I catechised the people. Preached in the evening from John 3:3. I was much pleased with the appearance of the people, the women were for the most part dressed in white; with a white or coloured handkerchief twisted round their heads, like a turban; they were almost all of them without shoes & stockings. The men were dressed some in white, some in blue jackets & trousers.

Evenings I preached from ------- (sic)

Mon 10 of Mar

A great number of people came in the evening at 1/2 past 7 to be catechised. They appeared all the better for having had a preacher among them, but it was evident they were the worse for being left without one.

Tues 11 of Mar

Preached in the evening to about 400 people from Eph 1:1-2 people attentive

Mar 12

Catechised the people in the school Room. Many attended

Thurs 13

Taught the people singing in Do Do Do Do

Mar 14

Had a prayer meeting in the chapel. Quamina & Romeo 2 negroes prayed. I was much pleased with the affection & simplicity of their prayers.

Mar 15


Rev John Wray came to our house at Le Resouvenir: before he had been in the house 5 minutes the room was half filled with negroes, who were much pleased to see him. I thought one old woman (Asia by name) would have kissed him

Sun 16 Mar

Mr Wray spoke to the people from a Psalm at 7 o'clock in the chapel. At 11 I preached from 1Thess 5:17. The chapel was crowded & many could not get in. After service Mr W. catechised the people. Eveng I preached from Exod 32:26 I felt much divine assistance this day.

Mon 17 Mar

Went to Town with Mr W. Purchased many articles: Gave a bill on the society for 50. Slept at Mr Davies'. A very wet day -

Mar 18

Mr Lee

Returned to Resouvenir in the chaise with Mr Mc Kid (?). *This evening Mr Lee a young man working as carpenter at Success told me some of the managers &c in the neighbourhood were coming to the chapel in disguise to hear wheather I preached the same doctrines as on Sundays and whether I attempted to make the slaves dissatisfied with their conditions. They came but I heard no more of them.* Preached from Eph 1 3.4. Mr Martinborough made a disturbance about a seat. The 2 front seats are for free & coloured people: but he was in the 3rd & was desired to sit in it next henceforth - Each must keep his own proper seat.

Mar 19

Catechised the negroes in the school room, in the evening.

Mar 20

Mr & Mrs Wray came to see us. Negroes came in eveng to sing.

Mar 21

Friday. Rev J Wray preached to the people in the eveng from Acts 20.26.27. Mr & Mrs Wray visited Mr van der Haas: found him not at home. Soon after Mr v sent Mr W a note saying, If he comes into his house again he would turn him out. Miss Mary of Success gave Mrs S a pig.

Mar 22

Mr & Mrs Wray returned to Town: were to call at Mr Van Cooten's -

Mar 23


Preached to the people at 7, from Ps 99. At 11 from Acts 2.38. Eveng from Ps 84. - Captain Henry Tanner called last night. Spent the day with us & returned to Town in the eveng. I knew him in Liverpool.

Mar 24

Evening catechised the negroes in the School Room. Mrs S the children in the Hall.

Mar 25

Preached to about 300 people from Eph 1.5.6


I & Mrs S went to Town in Mr van der Haas' chaise. Dined at Rev Mr Davies', and preached for him in the evening from 2 Cor 4.7. was much affected in prayer. Rev & Messrs Davies, Wray & Elliot were present.


Bot some flour 88 guilder per barrel, immediate payment. Dined on board the Roxious, Captn Tanner. Sent letters to England. Visited Mr Van Cooten.


Preached from Genesis 4.1-12. Many people attended.


Bot 2 gallons of rum for 2 guilders at Charles Margs (Chateau Margo?)

Sunday Mar 30 1817

Gingo & Betty

Preached at 7 morng from 92 Psalm 1 & 2 verses. Mr Wray preached at 11 from John 5.39. after which we called those who had formerly been members together. This was considered the most proper time for settling all old quarrels. Several husbands & wives had separated, some were jealous, some complained of being abused for reproving disorderly brethren. Gingo in particular had a sad tale to tell. He had taken a wife on another

estate, & the manager had forbidden his going to see her. The tale was too long therefore it was put off. In the evening Betty (Gingo's wife) came to our house and brought her husband with her. The examination took place before myself, Mrs S & Mr Wray. Gingo's wife alleged that her husband wanted another wife. Gingo said he found his wife with another man. She said Gingo went with another woman. It appeared they were both in fault & after an hours talking, they were re ??? by Mr W. They promised to live together again. I hope they may. Betty can go to Gingo, tho he can not go to her. A missionary must in many instances act the part of a civil magistrate.

Mar 31

Catechised a great number of people in the school room. Mrs S in the Hall.

April 1

Rev Mr Elliot came up from Town to sell his mule. I preached from Eph.1.7. The body of the chapel was nearly full. May God bless his word.

Apl 2

Catechised a great number of people in the school room. I asked one man whether he thought he was a sinner against God. He said "No". I then asked him if he thought he was good enough to go to heaven without X: he replied "yes". May God teach him better. Mrs S catechised the children.

Apl 3

Taught the people singing in the school room. They require much teaching; they are very dull.

Apl 4

Preached in the eveng from 1 Pet 2.24. Miss Mary came from Success to teach Romeo to clean the pulpit. The chapel was clean'd today.

Apl 5

Nothing worthy of notice.

Apl 6

Anthony of Nonperill

Joe of Success

Spoke to the people at 7 from Psalm 118. We must have the bell rung in Sunday future at 7 o'clock in the morning. At 11 preached from John 17.17. Not so many hearers as usual. Was afraid the people spent their time in preparing their clothes &c for tomorrow, being their holy Day. Took down the names of those persons who wished to have their children baptised. Their notions of Baptism appear pretty correct. The managers are opposed to the gospel. A boy (Antony) from Nonperiell Estate, told me the manager (Mr Pollard, the proprietor Mr Bailey is in England) said he would give any of the negroes 100 lashes if they came to chapel; but that he would let them come if he had a note from the parson. Tho I do not pay much attention to what they say; I yet, I fear there is too much truth in it. In eveng preached from John3. 14.15. Not many people attended. Joe of Success came to complain that his wife has left him. It appears he beat her & she ran away. She had 50 & Joe 30 lashes. He wants me there.

Apl 7

Easter Monday. To day the negroes have a holy day. They are very fond of dancing, to which they use drums, they drink much rum, & then fall out and fight. Mr van der Haas the manager was obliged to go into their houses to quiet them this morning. 2 in the stocks.

Preached to a crowded congregation from Acts 5.31 after which many people came to converse with me about Repentance. Two adults from Eindragh (?) wish to be baptised and several people want their children baptised. This is put off for the present because their notions of the ordinance do not appear correct. The members of the church din'd together at Mr Van Cooten's. Evening I preached from Matt 13.18. Thanks to God for this day. I felt much divine assistance in preaching. The negroes had a feast to day at Mr Van Cooten's so rejoiced were they because they had got a new parson as they express it.

Wed 9

Catechised negroes in school room.

Apr 10

Taught singing in school room

Apr 11

Hector brought Juliet to me to reprove her. Hector has 2 wives. He took Juliet when she was very young. After having 5 children by her, which are all dead, he took another wife, (Elizabeth) and brought her home to live with Juliet. They are continually quarrelling which makes Hector unhappy. He says he loves Juliet, but he cannot send the other away, because she is with child. This is a difficult case. I told them they must make peace, & live without quarrelling which they promised to do. Preached in eveng from Gen 4. 14,15, 16.

Apr 12

Mrs S visited Mrs Van Cooten &c

Sunday Apr 13

Jack of Vigilance


Preached at 7 on Ps 2, after which Jack gave me a note from Mr W F Couchman, manager of Plantn Vigilance, recommending the bearer (Jack) to be baptised. Mr C speaks well of Jack's conduct, saying it hath been universally good, since he has known him. Mr C has been manager, I am told, more than 12 months; before which he was overseer on the same estate. I asked Jack his age, he told me, he could not tell. He said he had a child; I asked him the child's age . He said, "I no know, I no been brought up to dat". He well understood the nature of Baptism &c.

Preached at 11 from Matt.7.29 after which I catechised the negroes. Eveng from Gen.5.24. This evening Gingo who is a kind of foreman told me his manager gave the people more work one day than he thought they would be able to do. He told G if he would get that work done he might spend the rest of the day in praying, saying the best way to get anything done in a hurry was to tell them they might have the rest of the time for praying. Gingo replied . Me glad Massa know dat today do all try.

Tues 15

Preached from Eph 1.9.10.Many people present. Much rain to day

Thur 17

Taught the people singing. Much rain to day.

Fri 18

Preached from Gen.6 1-7. Sat 19. Church members met in school room.

Sun Apr 20

Preached to the people at 7 John 14. 1 & - at 11 from Job 22,21. After which I catechised the negroes: some of them gave me very pertinent answers. Preached in the eveng to about 300 from Heb.12.2 former part of the verse. Many negroes wished to be Baptised: but I put them off not thinking them fit.

Apr 21

Only 3 negroes came to say catechism. Upon enquiry I found the reason to bbe that on the next plantn (Success) they had begun to make sugar which kept the negroes at work until 9 o'clock at night. On Le Resuvenir, the negroes go to work at 1/2 past 6 and work from that time till 12, then go to dinner, return to work at 1/2 past 1 & work until 7 sometimes 8 or 9 or later, just as they have work to do. I believe all other Estates are nearly regulated the same.

Apr 22

Preached from Eph 1.11.12. Many negroes present. Was assisted from above.

Apr 23

Mr Frey a Jew

Went to Town in Mr Van Cooten's chaise. Saw the soldier reviewed by the Governor. Found Mr Wray and all his family at Mr Davies' conversed with a Mr Welsh from Boston; a pious Baptist. He told me that Mr Frey (late of London) had settled at New York. Mr F arrived in America last October. Heard Mr Wray preach from Isa 5, 3.10 last pt.

Apr 24

Returned to Suvenir. Called at Mr V Cooten's was told that some of the planters approved of my preaching. Was informed by Mr Elliot of the death of Mr Purkis, formerly a missionary here, & afterwards in Tobago. That he died in great distress. Has left a young wife & 3 children totally unprovided for.

Apr 25

Preached in eveng from Gen 6 8-22

Apr 26

This eveng the members of the church met in the school room. 5 deacons were chosen (viz) 2. Romeo of Le Resuvenir, 1. Yarson of Beterope. 3. London of Beterope 4. Bucken of Success 5. Quamina Success. Spoke to them of the duties of a deacon &c. Commenced at 9 closed at 10. The negroes cannot come before 9 o'clock.

Sun Apr 27


Mr Lee Success

Preached at 7 from Luke 15 ch. latter part. While we were at breakfast Mr & Mrs Wray came up to the door, accompanied by Mrs Davies. Cipio brought his wife, saying, She had been found in bed with another man about 18months back, for which he put her away but he declined taking another until a missionary arrived to advise him. They are both church members. Frances the woman is to be excluded. Cipio may take another wife; but is hoped they will make up their disagreement & live together again. The members werepresent. Preached at 11 from Luke 5.31. Catechised negroes. Eveng Matt 7.21. This forenoon we had not so large a congregation as usual, I was told by Mr Lee that the people of Success did not leave off boiling sugar &c until 11 o'clock.

Apr 29

Preached from Eph 1.13-14 chapel nearly full. Mrs S sick in bed.

Friday May 2

Preached from Gen 7 1-9

May 3

This evening we had a meeting of the females who were formerly members of the church. Mrs S presided at this meeting.

Sunday May 4

Mr Baron

Preached at 7 morng from John 15.1-&c; at 11 from Phil.3.17.18&19. Eveng from Ezekiel 18.30 latter pt. Mr Baron, overseer at Goode verworkden called today. He complains much of the hardness of his situation. He says the master (Mons Louistall) is very severe to his negroes and that they workfrom 5 in the morning until 7 or 8 at night. He tells me that the negroes are allowed 3 lb of salt fish each person, & that is to last a fortnight. They are allowed plantains . He says he has seen the master & manager likewise order the negroes to have 50 & 100 lashes without any apparent provocation. When either Master or Manager are in a bad humour, they will vent their spite on the negroes.

May 5

Catechised the people in the school room.

May 6

Preached from Eph 1. 15.19. Mr McKid calld. He told me Mr Wray & family went up to Berbice Wed Apr 30. Mary Abner(?) broke her husbands head with a brush.

May 7

Sent a letter to the Directors Miss. Society - sent it to the post office by Juliet.

May 8

Taught the negroes singing in school room - Mr Lee calld.

Friday May 9

Quamina of Success

Preached from Gen.7.13 to the end. 2 white gentlemen were walking round the outside of the chapel during the service: looking thro' the gilesees etc. Calimander went out & looked at them.

Quamina of Success told me that from his 10th to his 19th year he was house boy, i.e. waiting at table etc., and that during that 9 years he never learned from the conversation of the gentlemen &c upon whom he used to wait, better than to suppose God was a man like himself, so that he thought he might shake hands with him. He further said: that the Overseers, Managers, etc used to send him to fetch young negroes, (goodlooking girls) to fornicate with; That he always obeyed their orders, and thought it no sin.

Sat 10

Church meeting this evening. Resolved to hold our church meetings on Sundays after the morning service, because the negroes can't attend until late in the eveng, and the planters say we keep late hours. But few present this eveng.

Sunday May 11

Preached from John 16.1 &c at 7. The bell was rung but the flag was not hoisted, which caused the people to come late. T'was near 12 before service commenced. Preached from Ps. 119.117. Large congregation. Eveng at 8 from Ps. 9.17. Sleepy congregation. Some white gentlemen were laughing &c during the service.

May 12

Tried some Horses with Mr Van d Haas. Catechised Negroes.


Welcome & Caliwander

Preached to about 300 negroes from Eph 1. 19-23. Welcome, Mr Cumming's servant came to complain of Caliwander our servant. Welcome said he had caught him 3 times with his wife, Minkie, Mr Van Cooten's servt. Caliwander is a bad boy: he goes out at night (after we are in bed) & gets with other's wives. He has now 3 wives; yet must commit adultery with Minkie, tho' her husband Welcome was his most intimate friend.

Wed 14

Went with Mrs S to Town, in order to try Mr V d Haas' horse &c. It goes well in a chaise. He asks 30 Joes for it. Sent a letter by Mr Booker to Mr Jos of Liverpool. Mr B is to sail tomorrow in the Catherine for Liverpool.

Thurs 15

Taught the people singing. They improve, tho' slowly.

Fri 16

Preached from Gen.8. 1-14. Many present.

Sat 17

Jenny a free black

Jenny, a free black came to request me to Baptise her sister's, (Kitty of Success) child. Neither the father or mother of the child have been baptised. Jenny has, & she is to bring up the child. She attends Mr Talboys, in Town. Mr T will not admit her (she says) into his church unless she marries; but Mr Wm Cuming, who keeps her will not marry her. She tells me she wishes to be married

Sunday May 18

Preached at 7 from John 17. Many present. At 11 from Luke 18th 9-14. After which catechised the people. At 1/2 past 1 we had a meeting of the members of the church. I delivered a ticket to each member present. The design of giving these tickets is that none but members may come to the Lord's Supper. When I am better acquainted with them, this practice may be discontinued.

Mar's case was considered . He had taken a second wife while his first was living. He will be suspended awhile.

Preached in eveng from Ps 39.12. Quamina tells me that Jenny will not have the care of the child above mentioned, in which case it can't be baptised. Sent a letter to Mr Wray by Mary Ann, who is going to live with him.

Tues 20th

Preached in the eveng to a great many people from Eph 2. 1.2.3.

Thur 22

Catechised the people & taught them singing.

Friday 23

Preached from Gen.8. 15-22. Expected a thin congregation as the people on this plantation were at work, but saw no difference.

Sunday May 25

Mr. Corner, Missionary


Preached at 7 from John 10. 1-28. At 11 Ps 68.18. not so many present as usual being Whitsunday. The negroes have a holyday tomorrow & such is their propensity for dancing, that they will spend the Sunday in preparing their clothes for it. Mrs S caught Caliwander (our boy) & Sophia (our girl) at work in a secret place making or mending their clothes for tomorrow.

After preaching, as usual I went into the desk to catechise the people that remained, about 40. Not one of them could tell me the text, which I had been preaching from 5 minutes before, altho' I suppose I repeated it 20 times.

Phillip of Kitty brought me a letter which he had from Nancy Corner mother of Mr F Corner missionary in South Africa. The letter was from Mr F. C. Dated Graaf Reinot. According to Phillip Mr Corner was born a slave on plantation Thomas, Demarary, his father being an old & faithful servant, had his freedom offered him by his master, but he declined accepting it, requesting that it might be made over to his son, Mr C. It was done according to the old man's wishes. Wm Corner, being a carpenter, went to England to learn his business more perfectly. There he worked at his trade. By some means, he was introduced to the Directors of Miss. Society, educated & sent out as a missionary under their patronage. Joe of Success came with his wife to settle a dispute, but failed. Preached in eveng from Luke 23.42.43.

Was disturbed in the night by the negroes dancing, drumming & quarrelling. Hoote, Otoo's son told me, they quarrelled until they challenge to fight each other with knives and Caliwander told me further, that they never dance without fighting. He well understands the nature of their dances.

Mr Gravesande din'd at our house.

This morning our chapel was crowded, it being fine weather many of the negroes sat under the cabbage trees outside, because there was no room within. I preached from Ps.68.18. yesterday's subject continued. We had a meeting of the church members immediately after morning service. Preached in the evening from Luke 10.42.

The negroes made great disturbances by drumming & dancing, we were fearful of being interrupted in our eveng worship, but as soon as the bell rang for service they left of dancing etc.

Gingo had a fit of the fever after service. He was in great distress of mind, on enquiring the cause, he told me "The manager said he got his sickness from coming to chapel".

According to Gingo's account (& others say the same) he is head sugar boiler, & as they have but just begun to make sugar, they keep the negroes at work 4 nights out of the 7 every week. This makes them sick & feverish, not coming to chapel. They are not only employed 4 nights in the week, but on Sundays until 11 or 12 o'clock.

Tues 27

Tuesday & Wednesday Mrs S was very ill.

Thur 29

Mr A van der Haas told me that during the late holyday, some of the negroes got so drunk that they could not work next day. One man especially, they thought would have died, they were obliged to fetch the Doctor at midnight. Another they saw grinding his knife to cut his wife's head off. He was put in the stocks immediately, where he yet remains. These are the people that despise Religion.


Preached from Gen. 9.1-7 Many present.

Sunday 1 June


Preached at 7 from John 18.20 etc - more than usual present, at 11 from 1Tim.1.15. large congregation. Mr Js Kelly manager of Pl Endragh call'd. He approves of the negroes being instructed & encourages them to come to chapel. Many come from that Estate. Church meeting after service. I & Mrs S went to Success to see a poor old dying negro. I suppose she is as well off in regard to temporal things as most but even her condition is wretched. She is mother of Quamina , one of our deacons. She seems truly sensible of her state as a sinner. Her hope is built on Xt alone. Preached from Prov 14.9. in eveng. A blessed day.

Mon 2

Mr Kelly sent us a handsome present of grapes & shalots.

Tues 3

Preached from Eph 2.4-7. not more than 100 present.

Wed 4

Mr & Mrs Elliot came to spend the day with us.

Thurs 5

Mr & Mrs Elliot returned to Town.

Friday 6

Preached to the people from Gen.9.8-17. Not more than 100 present.

Sunday June 8

Preached at 7 from John 3.1 etc - about 40 present. at 1/2 past 11 from Isa. 53.9.10. Because, or altho' he had done no violence etc yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him & put him to grief. After service I administered the Lord's Supper for the first time here to about 40 communicants. This was a most affecting scene to me. To behold so many commemorating the Divine love of Jesus; of whom they were formerly as ignorant as the beasts of the field, was almost too much for me. A little more would have deprived me of utterance. What a blessed day was this to my soul. May the savour of it long remain. Eveng from Heb.12.14 -

Monday June 9th

I and Mrs S Went to Town in the evening. Slept at Mr Elliots, Mr Davies & family being at Berbice.

Tues 10th

Call'd on Mr Gravesande and hired Caliwander for whom I was to pay 6 bits (2s 6p) per day. Payment to commence from this day. A gentleman of very liberal sentiments (who is church warden) attacked me upon the late misconduct of Mr Talboys. He is [ ] unworthy the character of a Christian, much less a Missionary. Not only the Methodist Mission has sunk into contempt, but the missionary cause in general for his misconduct rendered religion odious in the colony - The Demarary Gazette for Friday June 6. Returned to Le Resouvenir & preached from 2 Thess 2.16.

Wednesday June 11

Bought a Horse of Mr Van der Haas for 30 Joes.

Thur 12

Rode over to Endragh to see Mr Kelly, who is favourable to my mission. He appears a very friendly man. Saw Mr McGee-Taylor in Town. Mr McG told me that Mr Talboys was taken before the Governor for circulating tickets with Matt.11.12 on them.

Friday 13

Preached to many people in Eveng from Gen.11.1-4.

Sunday June 15 Kitty Wilson

Preached at 7 from John 10.23 etc. - to about 50 people, at 1/2 past 11 to about 500 negroes from Luke 12.32 last half. 2 white men present. After service catechised [ ] people. Strange negroes came from Mahica, they walked, they said all night. They were at chapel at 7 o'clock this morning. Preached in eveng from James 3.17. Some of the negroes came to my house before service in the evening & told me, that there were 2 white men laughing in the chapel.

This afternoon Mrs S after hearing one of the negroes (Kitty Wilson) read a portion of the New Test. read the 150 Psalm to her, to show how glad the Old Test. Saints were with their priviledges: in the midst of reading the Ps. Kitty burst out into a loud laugh; When Mrs S reproved her for being so irreverent, she exclaimed, "Pardon me, my dear Mistress, for while you read my heart go pat, pat, pat."

I suppose Kitty thought it strange to praise God on instruments of music, and in a dance. Well she might think so, if we consider the nature of a negro dance, and the ideas those who have been baptised & converted to God attach to them.

Mon 16

Took Mrs S in a chaise to Endragh to see Mr Kelly. Mr K not at home. From thence we went to Mr Van Cooten's, in our return home, we were troubled with a stubborn horse, which backed us into the trench; but by the kind assistance of Mr Mc'Turk and Mr v Cooten we came off unhurt. When we came home, the girl had locked up the house and gone to Endragh. Romeo broke open the door. We had not anything in the house to eat but friends supplied our wants.

Tues 17

Preached from Eph 2. 8.9.10.

Thur 19

Taught the people singing; not many present. It can hardly be expected that they will attend more then two nights in the week; they work so late.

Fri 20

Preached from Gen.11. 5-9.

Sunday June 22

Preached at 7 from John - 20.1-10. Many people present. At 11 from Gal.6.7. The chapel was crowded with negroes & coloured people. Several white people were present, among whom were Mr Js Kelly & Mrs (?) Floriman - Eveng from Acts 16.14. During the evening service I was much annoyed by cockroaches, hardbacks & frogs, which fly & jump about the pulpit. They divert my attention from the subject. The reason of their being so troublesome, is (I suppose) because we have the chapel so gloomy in the evening, only having 7 candles to light a place capable of containing between 600 & 700 persons - I preach here 5 times every week, out of which 3 times are by candlelight, & must always be so, for it is nearly 8 o'clock before we can begin worship; we close in general, a little before 9 - I seldom exceed an hour in the evening - I confine my discourse to 20 minutes or 30 at the most & sometimes not more than 15 minutes of a week eveng. After the negroes have worked 12 or 14 hours, they are not adapted for having long discourses - I often wonder they come at all, especially when I consider that many of them came 2,3 or 4 miles and that in opposition to the wishes of their masters etc - Today I went to see Quamina who is very ill. He is a member of the ---? Church.

Tues 24

Preached from Eph 2.11-13. Many people present. A very moonlight eveng. Dark evenings we have not so many -

Wed 25

Sent a letter to the post office by Jacob directed to my mother dated Monday June 23 1817 - Visited Mr Kelly. He is a very agreeable gentleman. I seldom return home from a visit much edified.

Thurs 26

Received a letter from Mr Wray of Berbice. Heard that Br Davies was sick last night.

Friday 27

Preached from Gen.13 1-5. Many people present.

Sunday June 29

Understand baptism

Preached at 7 from John 20.19 etc. - at 11 from Matt.13.19. Evening from Acts 16. 32&31. The chapel was full of people, tho' but a gloomy day. After the morning service, 12 adult persons came to request me to baptise them. I accordingly questioned them as to their knowledge of the gospel & whether they understood the nature of Baptism - Some gave satisfactory answers but others are to learn the catechism more perfect, then pleased with the simple & unaffected answers which they gave me to understand that they are sinners & that Jesus came to---?. Their manager speaks well of them; Oh, that they may be baptised with the Holy Ghost. However much I may --- them with ----questions of a perplexing nature, they still say, "Massa, we too much bad, we sinners too much." May those be ???

Mon June 30




Visited the sick. Quamina appears very low - he is very thankful for the notice which is taken of him - he appears quite resigned to the will of God. Miss Mary has had the fever near a week, but is now getting better. Tonisen is much the same as when I saw her last; she is very old. She was tapped last week. Doctor Fairbourn who practises for Success told me that she could not recover; she may linger a long while. When I spoke to her the love of God in giving his son to die for sinners, & sending the news of Salvation to her just before she leaves this world; she lifts up her hands & eyes to heaven bursts into tears and exclaims, "Oh, my blessed Jesus! What am I, but a poor old dying slave, who knew nothing" & she seems almost overwhelmed with a sense of the love of Jesus, insomuch that she can hardly speak, until she is relieved by a flow of tears. O, tis better to go to the house of mourning than to the house of feasting. I can imagine myself almost within the confines of heaven, while I sit by the side of these despised people in their miserable huts.

I have been informed that on Saturday eveng was buried that man who got so drunk, during the Whitsun holidays, as to render it necessary to send for the Doctor at midnight. (See journal Thur May 29). He has been in a most deplorable case, ever since Whitsuntide. Notwithstanding this circumstance, which is so awful in its nature, at the funeral there was quarrelling, fighting & drunkenness. The people on this plantation, I believe, are the worst on this coast, this was a great grief to Mr Post, who tho' he endeared himself to his people by his kindness, yet could not prevail upon them to attend the preaching of the gospel - out of upwards of 400 negroes which belong to this plantation, I suppose not more than 30 attend the chapel, while others will come from a great distance some as much as 12, yea & some 20 miles.

Tuesday July 1

Preached from Eph.2.14-18. Read part of Rev & Mrs Wray's letter to the people. It contains many good hints. Mrs Florence (?) drank tea with us after which she went to chapel - not many people present. Mrs F. says Mr Post involved this estate in debt by bringing a preacher here.

Thurs 3

More than usual came to be catechised this evening.

Friday 4

Old Hannah

Preached to a great number of people from Gen. 12. 6-9.

Hannah (Wilson) a very old negro came from Longinam. She is very lame, had a swelling on her knee; when she arrived she could not sit down because when once she sits down she cannot rise again. She seems so delighted with the gospel. So rejoiced to hear about Jesus (as she calls it) That, to use her own words, while she is walking, her mind is in church & she forgets swell (sic) feet & legs & her temper. Pain make her stick help her, she comes constantly about 6 miles. Oh that I were as much affected with the gospel as Hannah.

Sat 5

Paid Mr Van der Haas for my horse - gave him an order on Mr Van Cooten for 30 Joes.

Sunday July 6

Margaret comes to live with us

Preached at 7 from John 21. 1.2.3. to abt 50 persons.at 11 from Matt.7.13.14. Enter ye in at the strait gate etc. The chapel was so full of people that many could scarcely find room to sit down. A more attentive congregation I scarcely ever saw. May God bless his dear Word. After service while catechising the people in the chapel, I---? Them to learn their catechism. I heard them to learn their catechism. I said many of them hear this in the time of Mr Wray but neglected them that they must find them.

Immediately after catechising, we dismissed such as were not members and had our church meeting. I call upon the members to engage in prayer. They pray so sensibly & scripturally that they surprise me.

While at dinner 1/2 past 3 o'clock Lucinda came with a very sorrowful countenance: as soon as she entered she exclaimed, "Oh Massa, Massa, de rat eat all my book." She had a handkerchief under her arm, which she unfolded and took out the book. It was a small catechism. She said, "De rat ruin me, massa, they eat my handkerchief, they steal the cotton out of my lamp, they take my victuals; me no much mind all dis, but when they have ruined my book, when me go look for my book, me find it so; first me do cry, den me do say, me go show massa what de rat done." Lucinda is a member of the church, & much affected with the gospel. She is an old woman, & tho' her manager tells her not to come to church, she tells him, she will come even if he cuts her throat for it. Eveng from Mark16.15 Margaret (a free mulatto girl from Mahica) came to live with us this day.

Tuesday 8

Mrs S was ill with a faintness all last night. Preached in the eveng from Eph.2.19 to the end.

Wed. 9

Riding to town with Mrs S we were both nearly thrown into the trench. The horse went in with the chaise. 10 or 12 negroes were near an hour getting the horse out; afterward we proceeded to town. Preached for Mr Davies from Matt. 13. 43

Thursday July 10


Drew a bill on the Society for 30 sterling, sold it to Mr Davies for 13 - 5. Bought of Mr D

Watts Works, 7 vols 3.0.0

Jays Discourses etc. 3 vol 1.10.0

Davies' sermons 3 vols 1.10.0

[Total] 6.0.0

Friday 11

Letter to Directors

Wrote to the Directors a letter of advice (dated 10th Inst) requesting them to honour my bill for 30. Preached in eveng from Gen.12. 10 - 20.

Sunday July 13

Cipio & Ritta


Spoke to the people (about 50) at 7 from John 21. 15 &c, at 11 from Gal.2.20 I am crucified &c. Our chapel was crowded; many white people present. After service I administered the Lord's supper to about 45 persons. Five persons applied for admission into the church & one for baptism. Cipio & Ritta appeared before me to know whether they might marry each other. Ritta will not consent unless he will promise to go with no other woman, which he seems rather backward to do; but he must do it. Margaret's father in law who came from Mahica last night in order to be at chapel today told me that Yammie (a young negro who comes from Mahica also to chapel) is deranged in his mind, almost insane, that he is not able to attend his work, but constantly singing hymns & praying; & that the Doctor says it is his fault (Margaret's father in law) for bringing Yammie to church. If any of the people who come to chapel are sick, the managers say coming to church makes them so. Eveng Rom 4. (Obscure)

Tues 15

Preached from Eph 3. 1-7. Good number of people present.

Wed 16

Mrs S was very ill.

Friday 18

Preached from Gen.13 1-9.

Sunday July 20

Preached at 7 from Acts 1. 7 &c - at 9 the clouds looked very black and very heavy. Rain soon followed which continued until 1/2 past 10. Altho' the morning was so wet we had the chapel nearly full. I was surprised at finding so many people, considering the distance the greater part have to come. Preached from John 13 - 8 If I wash thee not &c. Evening from Gen. 19 - 24.25.

Tues 22

Preached to a few people from Eph.3 8-12 very wet night.

Thur 24

Taught the people singing

Friday July 25

Preached to the largest congregation that has assembled on a week day evening since my arrival, from Gen.13 10-13.


July 27


Many people at chapel this morning at 7. Acts 1 latter pt. At 11 from Matt 21. 28-31. Chapel full of people very attentive. Found much divine assistance in preaching. after service I explained (as usual) the discourse to the Negroes; I asked if they remembered the text &c, & was very much pleased with the answers returned. Margaret's father in law came with many more from Mahica - He told Quammina (having related the same thing to me before) of Yammie's derangement of mind asking at the same time whether it would be prudent to baptise him in his present state, as he (Yammie) particularly desired it.

Yammie is a young Creole belonging, I understand, to a Mr Rogers of Mahica; he has been to our chapel 2 or 3 times & since he was here, I am told, he is deranged in his mind; which disorder the doctor (Richardson) imputes to his coming to church. This is no new thing. What is it deranges those who never come to church; for I am informed there is one even on that Estate who is in a similar situation; but I suppose his disease proceeds from an unknown cause.

I have a very mean opinion of those who alledge certain causes to produce certain effects, upon a bare presumption, without the shadow of a proof.

Eveng from John 17.24. We had about 50 people from Mahica this day. Azor one of our people went up the coast several miles to teach the catechism. Bless God for this day.

Tues 29

Preached from Eph.3 13-19. More than usual number present. Mrs S. fell down stairs. Could not attend chapel.

Wed 30

Mr Jas Kelly & Doctor Fairbairn dined at our house. Mr K Is a professed Roman Catholic, but very liberal. Dr F appears half inclined to deny the divine aauthority of Scripture. He seems desirous of marrying; but will not marry a coloured, so he regards the opinion of men more than the command of God.

Fri Aug.1

Having given notice on Tuesday evening of my intention to read this evening some religious intelligence respecting the advancement of the Redeemers cause among the Heathen nations, a great many people came to chapel. I accordingly read the Missionary Chronicle. From this time we shall have a missionary prayer meeting on the first Monday in the month. Thus we shall unite with our christian brethren in different parts of the earth in ardent desire for the coming of the Redeemer's Kingdom.

Sunday Aug 3

Slave too religious

Letters from home.

More than the usual number of people at the prayer meeting at 7. Spoke from Acts 2.1 &c. After coming from the chapel Quamina of Success came to tell me that Mr Rogers of Mahica has said he will sell William (the father in law of Margaret) because, as he says, he is too religious, & spoils the other slaves. Mr R wishes to send him 17 miles further from the chapel than he is at present. At 11 I preached from Eccles.9.11. The place was well filled. As soon as I had done preaching, I catechised the people immediately. After we held our church meeting. Eveng from Rom. 6.14. After service I had a parcel put into my hand, containing a Missionary Chronicle, & 2 letters, one from Mr Godden, other from my own mother. These are the first we have received since our arrival. They made an unhappy impression on the mind of Mrs S.

Monday Aug 4

Missionary prayer meeting for the first time - many negroes present, read some extracts from the chronicle for May. Mr Elliot who came unexpectedly took a part in the service. The Negroes expressed themselves much pleased. I hope profited.

Thur 7

Not quite so many this eveng to sing - as usual.

Friday August 8th

A great number of people at chapel from Gen. 15.1. Having passed over the latter part of chap.13 as containing a promise of deliverance from the land of Canaan. I was apprehensive the negroes might put such a construction upon it, as I would not wish, for I tell them that some of the promises &c which were made to Abm. & others will apply to the Xtn state. It is easier to make a wrong impression upon their minds, than a right one.

Sunday Aug 10th

Morning at 7, spoke to the people from the latter part of Acts the 2nd at 11 the chapel was crowded. Preached from John 1.29. Immediately after service I catechised the negroes, and when they were dismissed administered the Lord's Supper.

When I behold the people sitting around the Sacramental board, and their countenances, so expressive of grief, & sorrow, for their sins and the sufferings of Xt, it excites in my mind the most pungent remorse. Oh! how slow are my affections, how earthly my mind, how insensible my heart - these people who can have only an imperfect idea of the nature, & extent of the sufferings of Jesus, are dissolved into tears; while I who read, & meditate, & preach upon the sorrow & tears of the man of grief, can scarcely feel one tender thought. O, Lord, take away this heart of stone & give me a heart of flesh.

Four people from La Bone (sic) Intention applied for Baptism. (viz) Jack, a driver - Jemma's son, Racheal, Dunken, Abelibo. They gave me a very satisfactory account of their faith - they know the first catechism (Dr W's) and the manager speaks well of them. Preached in the eveng from John 7.46 - latter part.

Monday Augt 11

Sent Calwander back to his master for misbehaviour. He is incorrigibly bad - was obliged to have him put in the stocks last night. Mr G his master says he will send him into the bush to cut timber. I hope this will do him good. Catechised etc.

Tues 12

Mrs S very ill. Preached from Eph. 3.20,21.

Thursday Augt 14

Bought a chaise of Mr Gravesande for (?)400 - 2 men brought it up from Town. Taught the people singing.

Friday 15

Preached from Gen.15.2-6 - - great number present.

Sunday Augt 17

Morng at 7. Many people present - addressed them from Acts 3. At 9 it began to rain & continued until 1/2 past 10, notwithstanding our chapel was crowded at 11. Preach'd from 1 Thess 4.3. Catechised the people. Evening from 1 Kings 18.27 - but few people this evening.

Tues 19


Rode to town. Mr Kelly drove Mrs S. Applied to (unclear) the government Secretary for my licence, but did not obtain it the Governor not having signed it. He promised to send it to Rev J. Davies', in order that he might forward it to me. Gave Mr Van Gravesande a bill on the Miss Society for 36 pounds 17.0 at 90 days sight. Returned home to (unclear)

Wed 20

Went to Town. Preached for Mr Davies from Eph.4. 1.2.3. Slept at Mr Davies'!

Thurs 21

Bought a small trunck (sic) for Mrs S. & a coffee (unclear). Mr Elliot says that Mrs Straughan informed him I hold our evening services too late, & that the white people complain of it. Be this as it may the people cannot attend before 8 o'clock, at which time our service commences, and I make a point of concluding by 9.

The white people never complain to me. We have never exceeded 9 o'clock to the best of my knowledge excepting once, and that was when Mr Elliot preached here, when we were 15 or 20 minutes later.

Friday 22

Preached from Gen.16. 7.8.9. great many people present.

Sunday Augt 24

Morng 7. Many present - spoke from Acts 4th. At 11 the chapel was full, & more came than could gain admittance. Preached from Gen.16.13 "Thou God seest me". After service the following negroes from Plantation "Good Hope" came to offer themselves as candidates for admission into the church (viz) Douglas, whose wife's name is Mimber. Edward and his wife Beneba. Toby, his wife is Arabella. Lora, whose husband's name is Session. Africa, her husband is Quaobe. Ophelia from Eendragh her husband is Thomas. Luke from Friendship whose wife is Vetiva. Jarvis from Friendship, wife Pity. Edward of Good Hope is rather deficient in his catechism.

Evening John 17.3

Monday Augt 25

Rev Mr Davies, with wife & family came to visit us.

Tues 26

Death of


Mr D & myself rode to Mons Repos to look at the sugar works. The horse was very troublesome.

Favourite of Endragh died this day. He was an old man, a member of our church. Mr D preached this evening from "Him that cometh unto me" &c - a great many people present, though, in consequence of the death of Favourite only 4 or 5 came from Eendragh.


Mr Davies & family returned to town. The horse very troublesome.

Friday 29

Preached from Gen 17.1. Chapel nearly full of people. May the Almighty God, whom I preached to the people, own & bless my labours, &c.

Saturday Aug 30

Death of Gingo & his wife

Death of Mr Hague

While dressing this morning, I was told that Gingo (our clerk) died last night, & that Lotty his wife died also about the same time. After service last night Peggy came & asked me to give Gingo a little wine, saying he was very sick. I sent it, but little thought he was so near his eternal home. He was a creole of Demarary, & as well informed a negro as any I know. He was constant in his attendance at our chapel when he was well, & not employd on Sunday. He belonged to Plantation "Success". About 3 months ago, or rather more, they began to make sugar; from that time he has not been able to attend more than 5 or 6 times, either on Sundays, or week days; the reason of which was they kept him (with the others) at work, according to the account I received. See Page 5, almost night and day Sundays not excepted. The Negroes of Success have complained to me lately of excessive labour & very severe treatment. I told one of their overseers, that I thought they would work their people to death. The overseer himself (Mr Hague) is laid in the silent grave. He was taken ill on Tuesday the 19 inst. & died on the following Sunday 24th, was buried the following day. Gingo was a strong healthy man about 35, his wife was younger. See more of him Page 3.4.8.

Sunday Augt 31

Gingo was buried this morng before day. The people who attended the funeral came to chapel at 7 so that we had a great number present. I read & explained Acts 5. at 11 the chapel was crowded & many could not gain admittance. Mr V C & part of his family were present. This is only the second time he has been here in 6 months. His wife has not been here since we have been in the colony. Some of his sons usually attend. After service, I set some of the free people to catechise the negroes. This practice we shall continue, as it will be a great relief to me. Preached from Ps. 119, 175 - evening from Matt. 11.28.

Monday Septr.1

Hired John (crossed out)

This evening missionary prayer meeting many people present - I read the 2nd Psalm and part of Mr Kands letter as in Miss chronicle for July. (unclear) I select first what I intend to read, and mark it with a pencil. The people seem alive to Missionary concerns. Hired John a free man today. To pay 6 bits per day from today. (This last sentence was written in, then crossed out.)

Tuesday 2

Hired John this day Tuesday

Rode to Pl Orange Nausau. Mr Hague, the manager, has several coloured children; his kept mistress wishes to have them educated, but he, from time to time, puts it off saying he intends to send them home; & so entirely neglects them.

This is the fashion here. White men take black women have children & frequently neither educate nor free them!!! Din'd with Mr Kelly.

Wed 3

Rode to town. Had much trouble with the horse.

Bought 1000 feet of American timber for 4 1/2 Joes account. Returned to dinner. Blessed be God I received no injury from the horse.

Saw some negroes working in irons. One, whose skin was entirely cut off. (unclear) with a whip. O, slavery! Thou offspring of the devil, when wilt thou cease to exist! Never, I think was my sense of vision more disgusted with the degradation of the human species, or of feelings, more keenly touch'd. I hail the day when slave masters shall be endued with the feelings of Xn men, & the slaves enjoy their birthright. They are by many treated worse than brutes. Thanks to a kind providence, there are a few, (& alas! very few) Masters, etc, who do treat their slaves as tho' they had common feelings.

Thurs 4

Many people came to learn to sing.

Fri 5


Preached from Gen 18. 17-22. Many people present.

This evening just after 7 o'clock, Lana, a manide, who was formerly kept by a white man; by whom she has a child about 2 years old; came into our house and sat down, saying the manager was going to put her in the stocks. On hearing this I made enquiry & understood it was the case. The manager makes her work, & if she does not fulfill her task he puts her in the stocks as I am informed. Poor thing, she has more need of a nurse.

Sunday Sept 7

Members admitted to the church

Complaints against a Manager by an overseer

At 7 in the morning, about 50 present as usual. Read & explained the latter part of Acts 8th. At 10 many women came. Mrs S catechised them. The men went to the chapel and were catechised by some of the free coloured people. At 11 the chapel was overflowing, and many could not gain admittance. Many white people also. I preached from Mark 1.15. Repent ye, &c. After service we held our church meeting. The follow (sic) persons were admitted - viz, Flora, Fatima, Charlotte, Betsy from Orange Naussau - Margaret, Nanny, Peter and Meudas from Eendragh. The overseer of Success din'd with us today. He has been in the colony not more than 7 or 8 weeks. He complains of Mr Stewart's conduct toward the negroes: says that he (Mr S' manager) often gives them 100 lashes. That the negroes work excessively hard, & have but little to eat.

Preached in evening from Prov.3.17

Tues 9th

Sold my horse to Mr J Rogers for 776 guilders. Received from said J.R. a promissory note for payment at 75 days. Preached in evening from Eph.4. 1.2.3.

Thurs 11

Many people came to sing &c.

Friday Sept 12

a Robber

Mr McDonald & Mr Hugh Rogers came to enquire about the man who purchased the horse of me on Tuesday. They told me it was a forgery. That the man who pass'd himself for John Rogers was only a slave to the plantation North Brook. That he was son in law to the former proprietor Dr Stewart. I went to North Brook with Mr Rogers and found the saddle & bridle. Had much trouble in looking for the horse. Did not find it, as Joe had let it out of the stable. Came away without it but the Boy (Call) whom we took with us to look for it soon followed after us with the horse. Thus I got my horse.

Sat 13


Messrs Hugh & John Rogers called today on their way to town. They have a letter from Mr Corf(?) to the fiscal requesting him to imprison Joe for his forgery. Though the fiscal was not made acquainted the crime, yet the man will be imprisoned, I suppose.

This evening a negro belonging to (section blotted out) came to me saying the manager was so cruel to him, that he could not bear it. According to the mans account. Some time back (2 or 3 years) he, with a few others, made complaints of the same thing to the fiscal: on which account the manager has taken a great dislike to him. And scarcely ever meets him without cursing him as he passes by. The punishment which he inflicts upon him dreadfully severe. For every little thing he flogs him. I believe ibid (?) to be a quiet harmless man. I think he does his work very well. Manager told me himself that he had punished many negroes, merely to spite Mr Wray. I believe the laws of justice which relate to the negroes are only known by name here: for while I am writing this the driver is flaying the people: & neither manager nor overseer near. (Monday morning)

Sunday Sept 14

Joe of


Prayer Meeting as usual at 7. At 11 more than the chapel full. Preach'd from Ezek 33.11 after service administered the Lord's Supper. Joe of Success was brought before me this afternoon for taking another man's wife. After much being said against him by his brother etc. I told him he must give her up again, which he is to do.

Evening preached from Eccles.7.29

Mon 15

The first thing as usual which I heard was the whip.

From 1/2 past 6 until 1/2 past 9 my ears were pain'd by the whip. Surely these things will awaken the vengeance of a merciful God.

Tues 16

Preached from Eph 4.4-6 - a great many people.

Wed 17

Sent John to town, to see the lumber safely brought up.

Thur 18

Juliet &


Miss Juliet & Miss Minkey two young ladies came to live with us. They have been living with Mr Van Cooten since last Xtmas. We are to have 1000 guilders a year for them both.

Friday 19

Preached from Gen.18.23 to the end - many people present. Tea at water side.

Sunday 21

Prayer Meeting at 7 chapel excessively full. at 11. I preached from John 3.16. God so loved &c. After service examined those who wished to be Baptised. About 50 are recommended, but only 20 appear to me fit for Baptism.. When I ask them ,why they wish to be baptised, they tell me, Massa, me heart all sin. Me no be saved me no love Jesus; me do love Jesus, so me wish for be baptized. Preached in evening from Prov. 3.17. Heard that Mr Postlethwaite died yesterday. Mr Kelly din'd with us today.



Went to Town. Purchased 1000 feet of lumber for 4 1/2 Joes. This together with the former 1000 feet (see Septr 3) was brought up in Doctor McTurk's boat. Din'd at Mr Davies'. Returned in the evening.

Tues 23

Preached from Eph 4. 7-13.

Friday 26

Went to Town with Mrs S at Mr Davies' request. Messrs Wray, Elliot, Davies & myself met to consult & advise what would be the best method to take as it respects those libelous & scandalous things which have lately appeared in the news paper, relating to the missionaries. They are there called publick spies, &c and in fact, so many charges are brought against them, that if they were the ringleaders of a set of insurgents they could not be represented as more injurious to Society.

Preached in the evening to the people at La Resouvenir from Gen.21.9.etc. Old Tomsen was buried this afternoon. She was Quammina's mother.

Sunday Septr 28


Prayer meeting at 7. At 11 Rev J Wray preached to the people from Eph.2.8.9. More people came than could possibly gain admittance. After service, I baptised 28 adults. (For the names &c see the Register). It was a most affecting sight, and that heart that was not moved, must have been as hard as the nether mill stone. Some of them were so much effected (sic) that they could not hold up their faces, therefore I was obliged to pour the water on their heads. This is a sight which I have long desired to see, & now I behold it. A true, pious, benevolent soul, can desire no greater joy in this than to see these degraded, though simple hearted creatures, yield themselves up to the service of God.

This afternoon my very heart was pained on hearing of the cruelties practised by a manager on this coast. It appears a negro complained to his manager that he was unwell. The manager said it was false. He immediately ordered the man to be put into the stocks, then beat him with a thick (blotted out). He died in that state of confinement.

This evening I preached from Matt.13.43 many people present.


Was introduced to Mr Cummings by Mr Wray: also to Mr Shults . Din'd at Mr Davies', call'd at Mr Elliots. Return'd before dark.


Preached to a great many people from Eph.4 14.15.16


Oct 3

Preached from Gen.22.1-10. Spoke to the people earnestly about enlarging the chapel, which is now necessary.

Sunday Octr 5

Prayer meeting as usual at 7 about 100 present. At 11 I preached from Titus 2.14. More came than could gain admittance. Many whites present. Experienced much divine assistance. After service, church meeting. 18 persons were proposed for admission into the church.

When the church members were dismissed, many persons came to request me to baptise them. Preached in the eveng from Rom.10.1 This was a blessed day to me.


Missionary prayer meeting. Spoke from Ps 86.9

Tues 7

Baptised one of Nicholas Van Cooten's children. Mrs S very ill. Preached from Eph

Thur 9

Singing in the evening as usual.

Friday 10

Preached from Gen.22.11 etc.


Saturday evening a fiery meteor passed over the plantation. Tho' a dark night it appeared as light as if there had been a moon. Negroes frightened.

Sunday Octr 12



Prayer meeting at 7. At 1/2 past 10 the chapel was crowded. At 11 commenced publick (sic) worship. Preached from John 12.27.28. After service many came to me, desiring me to baptise them. Administered the Lord's Supper, to about 50 people. A negro came to complain that his manager would not allow the slaves to come to church; saying that he had found some coming a few weeks ago, & put them all in the stocks: & had continued to do so every Saturday evening or Sunday morning, where they are confined all day. Sagacious politition! He only makes the others anxious to come and hear what it is that so agitates his mind. Evening preached from 2 Cor.5.17 abt 300 present.

Monday Octr 13


Mrs S. commenced a day school. She has 8 scholars

This appears rather a work of charity than gain.

Tues 14

Letters sent home

Wrote letters. First to the Directors, dated Octr 13. 2nd to D. Langton dated 14th. 3rd to Mr Davies, dated 15th. 4 to Mr Richards, Kettering, dated 14th - Preached from Eph.4.17-21

Thur. Oct 16

Received an invitation from Mr Kelly to dine with him. Just as we arrived there, I was thrown out of the chaise, but not hurt. Mr Allen and Mr Skekle were there. I have been told that Mr Allen is much oppos'd to the negroes being instructed in Religion. I conversed with him on the subject and he appeared friendly to the object, rather than opposed to it, but there is no knowing what his real sentiments are upon this, for the white men here will speak fair to ones face, and, when in company with others like themselves, they use their tongues against us like poisoned arrows.

Friday 17

Preached from Gen. 23.1-15. many people present.

Sunday 19

Preach in town

Prayer meeting at 7 abt 200 present. Preached at 11 from Matt.6.9 Our Father &c. The chapel was crowded, & many could not gain admittance. The people were very attentive. After service I conversed with about 20 on the subject of baptism. Some gave satisfactory answers, & some not. They say they are great sinners, & wish to be saved thro' xt. This is almost all they can say, except the 1st catechism.

I received a note from Rev Mr D stating that he was ill and wished me to preach for him in the eveng. I accordingly did from Matt.13.19. Returned home in the eveng.

Mrs S was informed that while we were from home the young ladies J.&M. went out and brought home several young men, whose conduct was unbecoming in the house. This must be guarded against, or evils more serious may ensue.

Monday 20

Mr & Mrs Davies, with their family came up to spend a day with us.

Tuesday 21

Mr Kelly dined with us. Mr D preached. Many (350) people from "Which things the angels" &c. Mrs D advises Mrs S. to rid herself of the serious charge of the 2 ladies. Mr D also gives me the same advice.

Wednesday 22

Recd reports from London

Mr & Mrs D, Sarah, John & myself went down to town. We received a small box from the Directors, containing Reports & Transactions - but no catechisms.

Mr Elliot has been disturbed in his preaching lately.

Friday 24

Preached to many people from Gen.24.1-9

Sunday Octr 26th

First collection for the chapel

Prayer meeting as usual. Preached at 11 from Matt. 6.9. "Hallowed be Thy name". Chapel crowded. People attentive.

As we have had some thoughts of enlarging, or rebuilding our chapel, I began to make collections this day. Whether we shall be able to accomplish our wishes in every respect I cannot tell. If we cannot do any things to the chapel the subscriptions will be returned. Preached in eveng from Num.14.24

Tues. 28

Preached from Eph.4.25.

Thur 30th

Singing as usual.

Friday 31

Preached from Gen.24 10-15

Sunday Nov 2nd

child drown'd

church meeting

Numbers admitted

A disgusting sight

Preach in Town

Prayer meeting at 7. Preached at 11 from Matt. 6 -10. "Thy Kingdom come"! Chapel full. Mr Kelly & Mr Allen present. During service, I observed a disturbance, & told the people to be attentive. A few minutes after, Nicholas van Cooten was called out of the chapel in haste. When service was over I enquired what the stir had been about; when I was informed, that a child had been drown'd close to the chapel door. It appears, the mother was washing linen & the child playing at her side fell into the trench. The child belonged to Mr van Cooten, & I suppose the mother also. If they had been in their place worshipping God, this would not have happen'd. After service church meeting when the following persons were admitted viz. Toby, Lora, Beneba, Susannah, Constiss. These 5 from Goodhope. Others belonging to the same place were proposed at the last church meeting but are not admitted; not being present. Also Susannah from Lusignon; Whenchey of Triumph; Hephelia of Eendragh & Barron of Mon Repos. Riding down to town this afternoon , I was surprised, & disgusted too, with seeing so many women washing their clothes. Here we have plenty of fresh water, which at this time is very scarce in other places. The negroes come on Sundays to wash their linen. They nearly strip themselves of every thing, & wash almost naked. They resemble the "Ourang-Outang", or the man of the woods; with this difference, that these peoples breasts when they stoop, nearly touch the ground.

Preached for Mr Davies from Ps.115.12 former. Mr D's chapel has been opend 5 years this day.

Monday 3

Missny Prayer meeting

Called upon Captn Brown of the Wm Neilson. He arrived I believe on Friday: His vessel was dismasted by a hurricane , Octr 14 on Lat.17 N Lon.41W

I called upon Mr Wilday at the Secretary's office who kindly favoured me with an extract from Mr Post's will, in as far as that will respects the Mission at Le Resouvenir. Missionary prayer meeting at Mr Elliots. I delivered a short address from Psalm 7.2. "All kings &c"

Tues. Nov.4.

Drew upon the Society for 80 pounds I sold the bill to Mr Davies. Payable in Ninety days. Returned home; held Missionary prayer meetiing expounded Isa.65 chap.

Thur. Nov.6

Mr Kelly dined with us. Just as we had done dinner Misses Minkey & Juliet and Miss Kitty Van Cooten, with her younger sister came over - but the latter two returned immediately.

Friday 7

Parcel to L Cumming Esq.

Preached from Gen. 24. 15-28. A great many (I suppose 300) negroes present. Felt myself very unwell, in consequence of a severe cold. Sent a small parcel, containing 1 "A summary view of the proceeding of the British and Foreign Bible Society." 2 the "23rd Report of the Missionary Society". 3. "Dr Watts first catechism, with the childs prayers, & 10 commandments". 4. "The duties of slaves &c to their masters." This article was drawn up by Mr Wray.

These I sent to L. Cumming Esq. in consequence of a note which I received from him on Sunday last. May God bless them to his good.

Sat. Nov 8

Negro marriage

This morning my mind was seriously impressed with the consideration of the evils arising from the want of marriage among the slaves. Henceforth I will make this subject a matter of more serious attention, & will endeavour (the Lord assisting me) to remedy this evil, particularly with regard to those who may hereafter apply for baptism.

Sunday 9th

Many at prayer meeting at 7 - at 11 chapel full. Matt.6.10. Administered the Lord's Supper. Desired Philip of the Kitty to make enquiry into the cause of the absence of Joe Trim etc. If those persons do not give a satisfactory account of themselves they must be excluded. Eveng Haggai 2.6.7. But few present.

Tuesday 11th

Preached from Eph 4. 26.27.28.

Wed. 12th

Letters Recd

Conference with Mr Van Cooten about the chapel

Rev Mr Davies came up from Town, according to a previous appointment. Brought us 2 Letters. 1 from my mother, 1 from Mr Job. Visited on Mr Van Cooten in order to induce him to make some arrangement respecting the chapel.

We, finding the chapel to be left by Mr Post in a very vague manner, & that the purpose of it might be subverted at pleasure, wish to have the ground on which it stands, & the buildings secured to the society.

Mr V Cooten says he has not power to give us a lease of a piece of ground, but if I draw out a plan & send him, he will write to the proprietor Mrs Van der Haas, who is in Holland, & if she is agreeable to the measure, he will afford us every assistance in his power.

Mr Davies returned in consequence of Sarah being ill.

Thursday 13

Mr Rogers

Rode as far as Mr Hopkinsons plantn, to solicit Mr Rogers to give his consent to some of his negroes being baptised. He was not at home. Called at Mr Kelly's. Din'd there. Mr Allen promised (unsolicited) to do the brick work for our new chapel gratis, provided I find materials. This is a handsome offer.

When I came home, Mr Greenwood, an unwelcome guest, was at our house.

Taught the people singing.

Friday 14

Preached to a very numerous congregation from Gen.24,29-52. Recd an unfriendly letter from L. Cumming Esq.

Sunday 16

Mr Greenwood

Many present at 7. Preached at 11 from Matt. 6.10.Thy will &c. Not so many present as usual, owing to 2 causes - 1st. The people on this estate were taking their allowance of fish when they ought to have been at chapel. 2nd.ly Mr Greenwood, a man who was carpenter to Mr Postlethwaite; but since the death of Mr P (see Sunday Septr 21.) Mr G has assumed an authority, which he exercises in such a manner as to keep the people from chapel. He was much enraged because I treated him with contempt on Thursday eveng.

Monday Nov 17.

Drew up the plan which Mr V Cooten desired respecting the chapel. The following is a correct copy of the letter which I wrote.

Dear Sir Le Resouvenir Novr 1817.

According to my promise the other day I now lay down more perfectly the plan which we were speaking of, respecting the chapel.

Ever since my arrival here I have felt very dissatisfied with the mean & contemptible appearance of this chapel as a house of God and though I am far from [unclear] supposing that the presence of God is confined to "Temple made with hands" [unclear] ingenuity, yet I do think as Mr Hervey( expresses it in his meditations, "that it is no improper expression of our gratitude to our Creator, and Redeemer, to beautify the place where his honour dwelleth!"

I have understood (although differently informed by the Directors of the Missionary Society) that the chapel & dwelling house are left in a very vague manner, and notwithstanding we shall no doubt, enjoy every security during your administratorship; yet if you were removed by death, the administration might be transferred to a person not favourable to religion. This might check the Lord's cause here & we might at once be exposed to great inconveniences.

Therefore it appears to me very desirable that the chapel, house & the land upon which they stand should be made tenable.

Here ends the introduction. The proposals I think of showing to Mr Davies, who may suggest some alteration.

Tues. 18

Preached to many people from Eph.4.29.30

Wed. 19

Din'd with Mr Kelly at Mons Repos.

Thurs 20

Many people came to sing.

Fri 21

Preached to nearly the chapel full of people from Gen.24.54 to end.

Sun. 23


Minkey & Juliet go over to Mr Van Cootens

Prayer meeting. Read Acts 18 - at 9 o'clock the rain began to fall & continued until near 12, although the rain fell so heavy, we had the chapel nearly full. Text Matt.6.11. After service I baptised 33 children. 8 men from Mr Ward's came to request me to baptise them, they brought a letter from their master. I told them to come again. Eveng very few present. Mark 6.12. Minkey & Juliet visit Mr Van Cootens.

Mon. 24

Letters from England

Rode down to Town. Received a letter from Mr Mercer, also an Invoice of a Box of Books from B.& F. Bible Society. Return'd home in the eveng. Moschettoes very troublesome.


As usual the whip was cracking upon the negroes backs from 12 to 1 o'clock. Preached from Eph.4 31.32

Moschettoes so troublesome that I was obliged to sit on the bed, enclosed by the curtain, to read.

Wed. 26

Copy of a Letter to Mr Van Cooten

The former on the other side was not sent

Wrote to Mr VanCooten as follows -

Dear Sir,

You will remember that I promised the other day to lay down particularly, the plan which I proposed respecting the chapel, that you might be enabled to write to Mrs Van Der Haas explicitly upon the subject of the conversation which Mr Davies & I, had the pleasure of holding with you.

When we were speaking of repairing and enlarging the chapel, which you say you cannot do at the expense of the Estate, in consequence of its being so much involved; it appeared most agreeable to yourself, as also to me & Mr Davies, that the chapel should be removed nearer the publick road: I therefore propose to the proprietor, &c, to secure to the "Missionary Society" by a lease, a piece of land (say of the same extent as the land which is now occupied by the chapel, house & garden) for the term of 25 or 30 years, for the purpose of erecting a chapel, etc.

Further, as we are willing to be at the expense which will be incurred by such alterations - It is proposed that we be allowed to take down the old chapel, house, &c, so that our expenses may be reduced by using the materials; but if this should not be agreeable to yourself, & the proprietor, we would be willing to leave either chapel, or house, or both standing, provided a moderate allowance be made for them.

As I think it would be imprudent in me to spend any considerable sum, either in enlarging, or repairing the old chapel, or removing it, without obtaining some security; it is very desirable that I obtain the mind of Mrs Van Der Haas as soon as possible.

If these proposals be agreed to, as soon as we have the consent of the proprietor, &c, and the desired lease, we will begin the proposed buildings.

I would offer you my sincere thanks for your kindness in promising to write to Mrs Van Der Haas & to assist us in the undertaking.

Novr.26 1817. I am etc.

Thursday Novr 27

Letters sent home

Went to town to put 3 letters into the post office. One double letter to Mr Mercer, one to Mrs Godden, & one to the directors, all dated Novr 27 1817. Return'd before 6 o'clock. Taught the people singing. Bot & pd for a barrel of flour j 55.

Fri 28


Received a Box of Bibles & Testaments, from the B.& F. Bible Society. Quamina from Success came to me in great trouble about Mr Wray. He stated that the white people had been telling him that Mr W. had been writing & sending home lies. Preach'd from Gen.25.29 -to the end.

Sunday 30

After the Sunday eveng service

Preached at 11. Many people present. Matt.6.12.

Finding the congregations very thin always on the Sabbath eveng, I have many enquiries respecting the cause of such a failure. The answer always is, "The people throw grass so late; & many live so far off that they cannot attend." This eveng for the first time we had service in the School Room instead of the chapel. Explained Heb.4.14 asked many questions - about 50 present.

Tuesday Decr 2

This morning received a letter from Mr Davies informing me that Mr Wray had signified his intention of visiting England in order to seek redress for the abuses which he had very lately received from the court of (what is called) justice, & likewise the rabble of the town. Mr W. intends going by the first vessel, which he expects will sail on Friday next. Mr Davies is going to Berbice, therefore wishes me to preach for him.

Mr & Mrs Elliot came up this evening & preached from Matt.5.

Wed. 3

Rode to town with Mr Elliot. Preached for Mr D from Phil.3.17.18 Return'd with Mr Elliot. Mrs D unwell.

Thur. 4

Mr & Mrs Elliot return'd to town. Their horse troublesome. Mr Kelly called and din'd with us & attended our singing meeting.

Friday 5

Preached as usual - Gen. 27. 30-40.

Sunday 7

Members excluded

Members admitted

Mr Wray sails for England

Prayer meeting as usual. Preached at 11 from Matt.6.13. Church meeting after service. Here we had an unpleasant task to perform; i.e. to exclude Joe, Prince, Yammie, Trim, Ellejen, & Harriet; all belonging to the Kitty. For an account of the cause, see Register of Church members. I am fearful that these poor souls have been walking thro the church to hell. We admitted Luke & Jarvis; both of Friendship & Fefee, Quashey, Tabeta, & Africa, all of Good Hope.

Rode down to town to preach for Mr Davies. Found Mrs D at home. Preached from Acts 7.59 Felt my mind much hurt at the conversation of ---- against------. I am quite weary of hearing Mrs -- slander ----. When shall we have peace!!!

Mr Davies told me that Mr Wray sailed from Berbice on Friday Dec.5. He expects to reach London abt. Jan 25.

Returned to Le Resouvenir this eveng, very dark, but we were both Mrs S & myself, glad to get away from the hearing of so much evil speaking.

Tues. Decr 9th

Preached from Eph. 5.1.2. Many people present.


Visit Mahaica

I have often thought that Mahiaca would be a suitable place for a Missionary. Having spoke of it upon several occasions, Mr Elliot promised to accompany me to the village. This morng we rode up. Our principal friend was not at home. Nevertheless we have the promise of a large building to preach in, when it is empty. It is now full of cotton. The village is small & mean; yet there are a great many people who have no opportunity of hearing the gospel. Oh! My Lord, let not Satan reign thus;! Send a servant of thine to occupy that post. The market is held on Sunday, when hundreds of slaves are gathered together. We din'd at the house of the chief magistrate, or officer; & in that house, how many glaring proofs had we of the wickedness of man. They need the gospel to teach them, even fair dealing.

My journey was rendered extremely unpleasant by my companion violently slandering the character of ----

Thur. 11

Singing as usual. Wet morning.

Friday 12

Negroes love Mr Wray

Una of Vryheids Lust

Such is the affection which the slaves here have for Rev Mr Wray that when I told them he was gone to England, they seemed am lost overwhelmed with grief. They exclaimed, "Shall we not see him again? Will he leave we? Poor man." They have no idea of suppressing their grief, but the moment their minds are affected they vent their feelings in the most uncourtly manner.

An old woman, named Una came from Vryheids lust. She asked to see me. I was in my study. I went down & called her aside, sayng, Una, do you want me? She replied, "Oh! Massa! Massa, me have bad heart." Well, Una, do you think I can make it good? "No, Massa." Then why do you bring it to me? "Because me wishful for be baptise." Do you think that by being baptised your bad heart will be made good? "No, Massa, but me does want for love Jesus, and Massa does say dat all who love Jesus must be baptised; Massa, me Son, he love Xt, he baptised; me does nurse sick, me no sick." There she stopped having no more to say, but that she wished to love & serve Jesus Xt. She is sick nurse. I pray God to deepen these impressions, & to make her useful to the sick.

Preached from Gen.27.41 to the end.

Sunday 14

Candidates for Baptism from the Industry &c.

Prayer meeting. Preached at 11 from Matt. 6.13 "For Thine" &c. After service administered Lord's Supper.

This morning I conversed with 10 persons who had previously applied to me to baptise them. They were well recommended by their masters. These are by far the most sensible negroes I have conversed with. Not a question that I asked, but 9 out of 10 could ansr to my satisfaction. Eight of them are from the Industry. Their former manager would not allow them to attend to religion, but the present one (who I am told) has lately taken the management allows them to come to chapel. These people must have set their heads (as they call it) to religious instruction, or they could not have made such progress in so short a time. These men are very zealous in the cause of Xt. They have got more than 50 subscribers to our building fund.

Publick (sic) worship in eveng in School Room.

Our members wrote a letter to the Directors.

Decr 15th Monday

Letters sent Home

Sent letters to the post office by James Chisholm, as follows.

1 To Mr T. Davies. Dated (I think) 12th Decr. 2. To Mr Godden. Dated 12th Decr. 3. To Mr Wray. Dated 12th Decr. 4. To Rev G. Burder. Dated 15th Decr. This last was a double letter. Yesterday evening the members of our church gave me a letter for Rev. G. B. desiring me to forward it the first opportunity. I wrote a few lines explaining the circumstance. I also wrote the Directors to send me some catechisms.

Tues. 16

Preached in eveng from Eph.5 3-7. Many people.

Wed. Dec 17

Din'd at Mr Kelly's, Dr Fairbairn present. Dr F. appears to have a wonderful memory. He has read much and consequently can converse upon almost every subject. Mr Kelly had the steam engine set at work on purpose to show us the mechanism of it. Sugar making appears to be dangerous & laborious work.

Thur. 18

Much thunder today: clouds very dark, but not much rain. We have had rain, more or less for this month past, previous to which we had at least 3 or 4 months dry weather without a single shower. Many people came to practice singing.

Friday 19

Gloomy weather. Little thunder, but no rain. The clouds are attracted by the Bush. Preached this eveng to a great number of people. Gen. 28.1-9. Moschettoes so numerous & troublesome, that our service was quite unpleasant. The negroes come to chapel on a week day eveng more than half naked. Their legs & thighs being bare, the moschettoes sting them, which causes them to give a sudden slap, in order to kill the troublesome insects. This slapping makes a noise something like what I have heard in some of Lady Huntingdon's chapels, where the congregation have been large. Immediately after the singing a kind of flapping noise is heard, which is occasion'd by the shutting of the hymn books, which usually have clasps.

Sat. Decr 20

Last night was very gloomy. Thundered all night. Much rain.


Dec. 21

Prayer meeting at 7. Preached at 11 from Isi 45.22. We had the smallest congregation I have ever witnessed at this place on a Sunday morning. Abt.300. This may be accounted for. In the first place, it was a wet day. In the second place the managers kept the people at work; perhaps to make up for the approaching holy days. In the third place, those who were not at work, were preparing for the holyday; washing, going to market &c.

Eveng read a portion of pilgrim's progress &c.

Mon. 22

Catechised the candidates for Baptism.

Tues. 23

Preached to many hearers from Eph.5.8. Mrs S. Ill.

Thurs. 25

Prayer meeting at 8. Preached at 12 from Gal.4.4.5 The chapel was well attended but not crowded; many of the people being at work. Not a white person present. This evening we had plenty of negro drumming &c. Service in the School Room.


Decr 26th

Letter from the Directors

Negroes drumming & dancing all last night. At 12 o'clock I preached to the people from Heb.4.16. the chapel was crowded to an excess. Congregation very attentive. After service I baptised those persons whom I had not time to baptise yesterday.

During this christmas holyday's I have baptised 70 persons upwards of 60 of whom were adults. I have great reason to bless God for what he has done by me already. I am not worthy of such an honour as this. But as he has been pleased to crown my labours with success hitherto; may I not hope that he will yet make me the instrument of bringing sinners to Jesus Christ?

After the services of the day, I & Mrs S went down to Town. Mr & Mrs Elliot not at home. Went to Mr Davies. Recd a letter from Rev. G. Burder a very kind letter. Heard Mr D preach a good sermon from the "Burning Bush!" I never enjoy the society of Mr --& Mrs --, they are constantly scandalising the Directors of the Missionary Society. I view missionaries now in a very different light from what I did before I came to Demarary. I thought they must surely be true lovers of Man; but as far as my acquaintance extends, I cannot find that they speak well, even of those who support them - "Tell it not in Gath". O, Lord, grant us all a spirit of love. Slept at Mr D's.

Sat. 27th

Called upon Rev Mr Mortier. Mr Thacker a young man of the same connection has just arrived from England. Mr M says Gen. Murray rec. him very cooly. Called on Mr VanCooten on our way home. He spoke highly of his religious negroes.

Sunday 28

Near 100 persons at prayer meeting this morning at 7. At 12 I preached from Eccles.3.15. "God requireth" &c. Never have I witnessed so large a congregation in Demarary. Every corner of the chapel was filled, & a great many were not able to set their feet inside. No whites present only Mrs S. Eveng service in School Room.


Preached from Eph. goodly number. Wet eveng.