January 1st. Thursday

The new year commences with deluging rains. This morng is a most suitable season for dedicating myself afresh to the service of God. If any person upon earth has powerful motives for so doing, that person is myself. The Lord has nourished & brought me up, & kept me to this day. This time last year I had (with Mrs S.) just embarked for Demarary. Oh! How many distressing fears, how many misgivings of heart, what painful forebodings, none can tell but myself, & the searcher of hearts. When all was terror & alarm for our safety, He, who holds the winds in the hollow of his hand, & at whose voice the waves are obedient, supported our hope, & our Bark, and brought us safely here.

During the past year our God hath been better to us than all our fears. He hath prospered the work of our hands; tho' we surrounded by enemies, he hath raised us up a good friend in J. Kelly Esqr. "Bless the Lord, O my soul, & forget not any of his benefits".

With regard to the future, I would not be very anxious. For I know that my God is kind, & faithful; & that having given his only Son for me, he will withhold no needful good - "Thy will be done."


Frid. Jan 2

Singular Flies

A fine morning, since Wednesday eveng, we have had a convincing proof of the truth of what Mr Evans says respecting the rains in this part of the world. (See Evans Geography. Page.1200) "They are indeed rather floods than rains". Yesterday after the rain had abated, about 1 o'clock, thousands of flies, or butterflies made a sudden appearance. Their whole length might have been about an inch, but very slender. They had each 4 gauze wings of of a mahogany brown, these wings were not placed like the wings of moths, flies or butterflies, but folded one over another like the leaves of long narrow time book. They fluttered in the air abt. 15 minutes, they then lost their wings (which dropped off) & became a creeping earwig. Preached in the evening from Gen. 28.10-15. Many hearers.

Sat. Jan 3

Death of Old Hannah

Thro' forgetfulness, I omitted to note down, that on Wednesday Decr 31 Poor old Hannah of Lusignan was buried. See July 4 of this bk. She was a poor old creature, without an earthly friend. She has been long afflicted, but while she was able to walk by the help of a stick, she would come to chapel. Last time she was here, abt 3 weeks ago, she told me that she had had a husband & a son, but both of them died & left her; having said this, she exclaimed, "But my Jesus will never die." "Hannah", replied I, "this is our comfort, that whoever dies, Jesus will live." Hannah could say no more; her feeble tongue could not express the feelings of her heart. Her grateful soul was over powrd. She died rather suddenly. But very few persons attended her funeral owing to the rain. Thus died, & thus was buried, a poor slave bow'd down with infirmity. She liv'd unnoticed, & unnoticed died. The princess Charlotte had many attendants; but Hannah none, except those kind angels who are sent to minister to the heirs of Salvation.

If as some have said, to love God be an earnest of heaven. I believe Hannah had that earnest.

Sunday Jan.4th

Great many at prayer meeting. Made an arrangement for catechising the negroes. At 12 preached from Rom.13.11 great number of people present. After service church meeting. Eveng service in School Room but few present.

Tues. 6th

Preach'd from Eph.5.14

Thur 8

Singing as usual - very few present owing to the rain. Put up book shelves today.

Friday 9

Preach'd to abt 50 people from Gen.28.18 to the end. I could scarcely get to the chapel for water. The yard was flooded. Tho' so wet and windy, the thermometer stood at 80° .


Mr Kelly call'd today. Took tea & supper with us.

Sunday Jan.11

But few at prayer meeting. The negroes conducted the catechising well. I was pleased with them. But few at chapel today. Preach'd from 1 Cor.8.20 after service administered the Lord's Supper.

Upon making enquiry into the cause of the absence of so many of the negroes from chapel, I was told by the driver of La Bonne Intention, that Mr Heyleyer, the attorney (who is also a magistrate) sent late on Saturday eveng saying he must have 100 bags of coffee sent off next day. Consequently the people were obliged to work today.

Mars told me, that on Friday eveng the boat belonging to his master, had drifted from the anchorage & sank in the sea. It was laden with negro clothing &c. Today all the slaves were employ'd in getting her up. The clothes, jackets & hats only, were served out to the people just as they were taken out of the water. These things were permitted to be under water from Friday night till Sunday that the slaves might get them up in their own time. This is just the way here.

Monday 12

Letters sent home

Rode down to town on horseback. Road very bad. Sent letter by brig Jane which is to sail tomorrow for Liverpool. To Mr Burder dated Jan 8. & one to Mrs Jos Farr dated Jany.7. Returned in the eveng.


Preached to a great number of people from Eph. 5.15.16. Recd corn from Mr Ky.

Wed. 14

Din'd with Mr Kelly, as usual he was very kind. Mrs S remarked to Mr K that she had heard an unpleasant circumstance, namely, that Doctor Fairbairn was about to take Mary-Ann Hamar (?), a mulatto girl, into keeping; adding at the same time, that she thought it a very improper, & that it would have been much more to the girl's credit to have been legally married to Wm Chisholm as they had been attach'd to each other. Mr K replied that the information was correct, & intimated that Dr F endeavoured to justify his conduct, by saying that colour'd men were cruel to females. Dr F will not marry her.

Friday Jan 16

Death of John Davies

Rec'd a note from Mr Davies informing me of the sudden death of his son, John, & desiring me to go down. I & Mrs S went. We found Mr D's house thronged with people. The child, (abt 8 years old) died of the croup, at 1/2 past 10 this morng. Slept at Mr Elliots.

Sat.Jan 17

Burial of John Davies

At 7 o'clock this morning, the time appointed for the funeral, I went to Mr D's; but seeing no preparation for the ceremony return'd with Mr Elliot, who said we were near 2 hours too early. At 1/2 past 8 Mr E & myself went up to Mr D's again. When we arrived, we found the corpse in the chapel, before the pulpit in an elevated situation. Mr Straughan the colonial chaplain was in the pulpit reading the forms according to the prayer book of the Established church. When this cerimony was concluded, the corpse was bourn by 4 gentlemen to the ground behind Mr Davies' house. The remains of the child were deposited in a Tomb, which had been erected for the purpose. The Minister repeated a few formal words, & concluded with the Lords Prayer, after which the many people went away, almost as much affected as when they came. After this we returned home.

Sunday 18

Prayer meeting. Preached at 12 from Col. 3.2. Seven people came to request me to baptize them. I told them to come again next Sunday.

Preached this evening for Mr Davies after which return'd home. Mrs S. very ill, & low spirited withall.

Tuesday 20.

Revd. Mr Mortier called this evening unexpectedly. After much entreaty he consented to preach, which he did from Matt.6.33. Mr Roach was with him. They had been to Mahaica. Mr M said that he had been in consequence of a letter which he had lately received from some one of their Society. He did not say who. His object was to endeavour to open the way for preaching. How he succeeded I could not learn. He is just about leaving the colony in order to attend at their district meeting; which is to be held at Antigua.

Jany. Thur. 22

Mr Kelly din'd with us today. We had a little talk about his Roman Catholic sentiments, which he scarcely attempts to justify or defend. He says the Pope is a fallible man. He attended our singing &c meeting, as he has frequently done.

Friday 23

Preached from Gen. 32.1-8. Many people.


Early this morning we had a great deal of rain, in consequence of which but abt 30 people at prayer meeting.

Preach'd at 12 from Isa. 66.2. Afternoon conversed with 10, or 12 people about giving themselves up to Jesus Xt. Which they promised to do. Eveng service in school room.


Preached from Eph.5. 18. Many people present.


Singing as usual this evening.

Friday 30

Preach'd as usual text Gen. 32. 9-12.

Sunday Feby 1st

But few at prayer meeting this morng first to the rain, secondly to Peter's neglect in not ringing the bell. At 12 the chapel was nearly full. Preach'd from Matt.22.5. After service church meeting. Eveng worship in school room. A blessed day.


Missionary prayer meeting. Read an extract from the chronicle for Feby last. Spoke from Isa. 60.22. Quamina & Cato prayed.

Tues. 3rd

Hired Victor

Received a note from Mr D that in answer to one which I had sent him, respecting the hire of a servant. I am to have him for J.1.10 per day & find him in victuals. His master dates his hire from yesterday.


Letter from Mr Jos Just (?)

Recd a letter from Mr Jos ?????

Mr Davies sent me 100 guilder ???

Fri. 6

Preached from Gen. 32. 24 to the end.

Sun. 8

More than usual at prayer meeting. Read Rom.1. Noon the chapel was full, Text Matt.12.20. Lord's supper. Nobody came to the school room this eveng in consequence of a report that I was gone to town.


Preaching licence

Went down to town. Paid several bills. Call'd upon the government Secry for my licence. When asked for it, Chapman replied, "I know nothing about it". This is the fifth time that I have applied for it.


Preached to many people from Eph. 5. 18.19. Baptised ?

Thur 12

Minkey hired

Hired Minkey for 1 guilder per day. She is hired merely to wash. This is an expensive thing here.

Friday 13

Preached from Gen.33.1 &c.

Sunday Feby 15

Prayer meeting well attended. Read Rom.2nd. at 12 preached from John 3.16. Not so many as normal i.e. wet morning. Eveng service in the school room. This day I found much divine assistance in my work. I believe the people are constantly praying for me & ??; that we may be enabled to teach them more & more.

Tues. Feb.17

Spying Hearer

Preached from Eph.5.20. People very attentive. I observed white man amongst the slaves in a remote part of the chapel. I suppose he was a kind of spy, who thought probably as there were no other white persons present, (a circumstance which seldom occurs) to catch at some expression which he might make use of in order to impeach my veracity. But blessed be God I am animated by a nobler motive, than to teach what they call here "The Principles of revolt". I wish, & pray, & hope, & labour to train the souls of the negroes for heaven. These men who look upon missionaries as dangerous characters, are themselves generally influenced by sordid principles, & so they measure us by their own rule.

Friday 20

This morning, Margaret, who has been ill about a week, was taken home by her mother. It was a fine morning. We have had rain almost every day for more than 2 months past.

Preached in eveng to many hearers from Gen.35. 1-5.

Sun. 22

Not so large a congregation as in general. Wet day. Preached from John 21.19. Lovest thou me? After service a negro woman came & fell down at my feet saying "she was an unworthy wretch, & the Lord was so good to her; & that she did not love him half enough". A negro man who came from the same estate said he was frightened at seeing her in her distress of mind, lest it shd reach the ears of the Manager who had threatened to flog the first he caught coming to chapel. Negroes on that plantn have been put into the stocks, & kept without their allowance of fish which allowance is to last 14 days.

Mon. 23

Recd a very kind note from Mr Graham, at Mahaica, inviting me to come to preach in his own house. It was in ansr to one which I sent last week. If the Lord spares my health I shall go up on Sunday morning. This I consider a kind providence. Ginney left us.

Tues. 24

Preached to a large congregation from Eph. 5.22-24.


Mrs S went over to Mr V.Cootens. Mistake abt Minkey rectify'd. She was only lent to wash up the linen, & return.

Thur. 26

Hired Mary Ann

Hired Mary Ann, as a wash woman 1 Guilder per day. She appears quiet, & willing to work. Singing. Many present.


Preached from Gen. 37. 1-12. Very stormy eveng few present.


Heard that Mrs Davies was ill, & also Mr Elliot. Victor came from Town but brought us no letter. When shall I hear from England.

Sunday Mar. 1

More than last Sunday at morng prayer meeting. Rom. 4. On complaining to a young man lately from home that our chapel was not full, he replied, "no wonder! For the negroes at our plantn (meaning Success) are as busy at work as tho' it were a working day". Text Ps.27.4

The only difference between Sunday & a working day, with some of the planters, is, that on the latter, they ring a bell, or blow a horn to call the slaves out in the morning; & on the former, they send the drivers to fetch them out; they also allow them to leave off work earlier than on other days. I was told that the Manager of G..... says, that now Plantains are scarce the slaves must find their own food.

Eveng service in school room.

Mar 2

This morning just before sun rise Mrs S awaked me to hear what a dreadful flogging one of the negroes was receiving. When I was sufficiently awake to listen with attention, I perceived that 2 Drivers were floging. I counted 82 lashes, which I am certain from the regularity of the strokes, (for I have heard enough of it to judge) that they must have been given to one person. This is a slight specimen of the force of the law in this country. The planters laugh at the law.

Mon 3rd.

Preached from Eph 5.24 to the end. Gt many people present.

Thurs. 5

Tis 12 months this day since we came to this house. O my Lord! what shall I say to express my obligation to Thee? Thou hast smiled upon me, & her whom thou hast given, as a help meet in thy cause. All thy faithful ministers in this colony, have met with opposition, insult, & reproach; but I have (at least to my knowledge) escaped all these things. This day, O Lord, I renew the dedication of myself to thee: my spared life shall be thine. Make me more zealous for thy glory; & more active in spreading thy gospel.

Goodly number at singing meeting.

Friday 6

Preached this evening from Gen.37.verse 22. Mr Kelly & his friend Mr Grant were at chapel. They supped with us.


This day I am to go to Mahaica in order to preach tomorrow.

Sunday Mar.8

Preach at Mahiaca

Asisgrove ?

Desperate wickedness

This day I preached (the first time) at Mahaica. Mr Graham was kind enough to open his own home for the purpose. There were about 30 white Gentlemen, one white lady, about 20 coloured people, & about 100 negroes. I was highly pleased with their attention. May the Lord fasten his own words upon their hearts. I proposed the erection of a chapel. All present agreed to do what they could in order to assist in the erection of a house for God's service. Mr Ellis Graham, & Mr Milne are to form an estimate of the expenses of erecting a place to contain 400 people.

O, my Lord, let not this good work fail for want of means for thou hast the hearts of all men at thy disposal.

I preached from John 3.16. God so loved &c after service a Gentleman of the Roman Catholic persuasion told me, in presence of Mr Graham, & Mr ?, (a jew) that he had been in the colony 9 years, & had not heard a sermon during the whole of that time, until this day. This is no singular case, I believe.

*On my way home I called at ------for the purpose of requesting Mr Rogers to allow me to baptize 2 of his negroes that frequent our chapel. John Rogers was not at home. I stated the object of my visit to one of the brothers. on proposing the baptism of his negroes, he replied, "No, the Estate is going to hell, & the negroes shall go along with it." After adding a great oath, he declared that he did not care whether he followed them or not. I remonstrated but all in vain. He was like a restrained devil spitting out his malicious venom. The only thing which he objected against religion was, that he could not get his slaves to work on Sunday without their grumbling. What monsters of iniquity do ? with. O Lord, how long shall men kick at thy laws? Why hast not thou smitten them, either in love, or in anger; wilt thou not hear the cry of the needy thou shalt surely break the rod of such tyrannical oppressors.

March, Monday 9

Missionary prayer meeting. Bristol engaged in prayer. Good number present. Read from the Chronicle for Augt 1817.


Bill 100

Letter to Mother

Rode to town. Found Mr Elliot very ill. Settled my account with Mr Seward. Gave him a bill on the Society for 100. The balance I paid in cash. Settled with Murray, Jones & Co gave them an order on Mr VCooten. Call'd at Mr D's. Mrs D very cool. Mr D promised to assist me in preaching at Mahaica. Mrs D objected.

Sent a letter to my Mother dated Mar.10.1818. Heard that Mr Wray arrived safe in England.

Wednesday 11

Din'd with Mr Kelly at Mons Repos. Mr K's kindness lays me under great obligations.

Thur. 12

Captn Tanner sent a box for Mr Elliot, but tho' he had one for me yet he did not send it. Captn T is at Barbadoes. Singing as usual.

Friday 13

Active & Beck

Preach'd in the eveng from Gen.37 23 to the end. But few present in consequence of the rain; which fell abundantly all day.

After service Active of Success came to complain that Miss Mary Chisholm had taken away his wife. Beck belongs to Miss Mary. The cause was thus as told by Active. Beck went to a funeral at Felicity Wedndy eveng & she staid out all night. Having formerly caught her in the act of adultery he still suspected her fidelity. Yesterday eveng when he came home from work, he demanded of her where she had slept the eveng before; she made no ? reply, upon which he fell to beating her. Miss Mary hearing the noise went and took Beck away from him, saying, he should have her no more.

Sunday 15

This morning one of the negroes engaged in prayer, & while thanking God ??? gospel here, so precisely described the circumstances of my leaving my friends; his tender anxiety of my mother; my own feelings together with the uncertainty of future events in a strange land: that this descriptive thanksgiving affected my mind more deeply than any thing had done since I have been in this country. Read &c from Rom.5th

Mrs S & myself catechised the negroes in the chapel after which I preached from Heb. 12.14. Large congregation. Eveng service in school room. May the remembrance of this day remain. Bless the Lord, O my soul & forget not all his benefits. Sent a letter to Capt T at Bdos dated 14th care of Mr Elliot.


Preached from Eph.6.4. Many people.

Thur. 19

More than 50 people came to practice singing.


The day leads ones mind to meditate upon the death of Jesus. Preached in eveng from Luke 23.33 about 400 people present.

Easter Sunday. Mar 21

This day we commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. Blessed be the God & Father of our Lord Jesus Xt who hath begotten us again to a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Preached from Luke 24.34. "The Lord is risen indeed". As usual on the Sunday before the holidays, our chapel was not full. Abt.500. The reason so many are absent on these occasions is, that they go to market to sell their yams, fowls, &c, in order to get money to spend during their holiday. The Baptised negroes do not attend the market so much as others.

This day we commenced a kind of catechetical school for the children. About 60 present. I was much amused to hear the negroes question the children. It is no small difficulty to keep order among the children. Lord bless this method of instruction. Eveng service in school room.

Easter Monday 23

Having previously mentioned my intention of preaching to the children, at 10 o'clock they began to come. At 11 I went across to the chapel to place them, & to make the adults give way to the children. At 12, the chapel being excessively crowded, I endeavoured to make my way to the pulpit which I effected, with much difficulty. I perceived we had about half the chapel filled with young people. As the youngest of them can repeat Dr Watts 1st catechism, I thought it most advisable to select a question & ansr from that, as a text. It was this. What must you do for this great God who is so good to you? Ansr. I must learn to know him first; then I must do every thing to please him.

This I endeavoured to explain in a very simple way, illustrating the various particulars by short anecdotes. I concluded by addressing the parents of the children, exhorting them to teach these things to their offspring, & to set them a good example.

Although while I was preaching several of the children fell to fighting, for which I reproved them from the pulpit, yet upon the whole I was much pleased with them. Some of them sat with their mouth wide open, & scarcely took their eyes off of me all the time I was speaking to them. I think we must have had near 500 children present. Multitudes of people could not possibly squeeze into the chapel.

O my blessed Jesus let not thy word be spoken in vain. Thou canst perfect praise out of the mouths of babes & sucklings. At thy command we feed thy lambs. Let them hear thy voice.

After service I had an unpleasant task. One of the members of the church had been using very abusive language to another member. This affair I had to settle.

Tuesday 24

Preached from Eph.6.5-8.

Wed. 25

Recd a Letter

Recd a letter from Mr T Davies. Dated Jany 28. He mentions Mr Mercer's ordination, which took place on Thursday Jany 22 at Union Chapel. He is appointed to Trinadad. Recd 2 Chronicles. i.e. Decr & Jany.

Friday 27

Preached from Gen.39.1-6. Large congregation. Suppose 400.

Sat. 28

Letter to Mr Jackson

Sent a letter to Mr Jackson Bartholomew Close, Dated Mar.26. Rode up to Mahaica. Had much trouble with my horse.

Sunday 29


Bush Expedition


Preached at Mr Graham's. Congregation about as large as last time. Several gentlemen who call'd in by way of "How do you do" exercised their nonattendance by saying their business called their attention.

There was a great confusion at Mr G's all day. They were busy in making preparations for the Bush expedition. This expedition is to fetch back the run away negroes. The whites will be joined by about 80 Bucks, besides the negroes whom they may select to accompany them. There are many negroes in the Bush. I am not surprised at their running away when I consider how they are treated. Mr G told me today, that Mr O B. treats his slaves with gr severity & cruelty. That for every little offence he witholds their fish, & plantains; that he makes the women dig just the same as the men, which is a cruel thing; & that he is constantly inflicting severe punishment upon them. Their going into the Bush then is nothing more than might be expected; but their murder of the 2 white men, who went to take them, is shocking unless it were done, as I have understood in a fair fight, which would lessen the enormity of the crime. O, what fools are those men who wring their money out of the flesh & blood of their slaves.

Milder treatment would be more politick.

I asked one of the Indians whether he would sell his son, a fine boy about 8 or 9 years old. He replied with apparent surprise, "No, I am a Buck". He knew I was merely jesting with him. I asked them a number of questions; & as far as I could perceive, they have no more knowledge of a god than I have of the natural history of the most remote planet. As soon as Mr G told them that I was a Domine, they appeared much surprised, & as much delighted. It appears they have a superstitious reverence for those amongst them who are considered as soothsayers. They had one of these characters with them. They appear to be a harmless people, but nearly as ignorant as beasts. Shall these know & fear God. "All shall know thee."

Tues 1st April

Preached from Eph.6.10. Many people present.


Mr Kelly called this evening.

Thurs 2

Great many came to practise singing.

Friday 3rd

Preached from 1 Peter 2.11. good congregation.

Sunday 5

Nothing more than usual occurred this day. Preached from Matt.6.33. Large congregation. Church meeting. Rec a note from Mr DeWit saying he must have j2 per day for Victor, or he must have him home. I have therefore sent him home. I hate imposition. Now we have nobody with us.

Monday 6

Missionary prayer meeting. Many present. Read part of the Chronicle for Oct.1817 (See the paragraphs marked in May).

Wednesday 8

Went to Town. Proposed to Mr Elliot a friendly quarterly or half yearly meeting among our missionaries. Mr Mortier, the Methodist missionary has endeavoured the 2nd or 3rd time to ? our new opened station at Mahaica. I am told he went ????

Friday 10

Preached from Gen.39.20-23. Goodly congregation. Messrs Grant & Donald present.

Sunday 12

Prayer meeting as usual. Was informed by 2 persons that Mr Pold, manager Nunpureil, had kept Sandy in the stocks all last week nor has he released him yet. This treatment is merely because S will not abandon the Ch. The negroes have a general desire to come to hear the gospel, wherefore Mr P collected them together & preached to them about 3 weeks ago. Last Sunday he gave out that he was going to preach, but the people would not attend. Their reason for refusing to hear him was, "That he opposes religion, & as such his preaching is not worth hearing".

Our congregation was smaller than usual preached from Ps 66.18. Administered Lord's Supper.

Tuesday 14

Preached from Eph. 6.11-13. Large congregation.

Wednesday 15

United Missionary Prayer Meeting

Went to Town in order to meet Messrs Davies, & Elliot. The object of our meeting was to form a friendly union for the purpose of stimulating each other to prosecute our missionary labours with more animation; for which end we agreed (after seeking Divine approval) to unite our missionary prayer, & also to form a private meeting for mutual prayer; & edifying conversation. The first meeting of this nature is to be held at this place. O Lord, establish Thou the work of our hands.

Friday 17

Mr & Mrs Davies came up. Mr D preached this eveng from 2 Tim. 3.15 Congregation about as usual.

Sat. 18

Rode up to Mahaica with Mr D. Who had engaged to preach there. Since we have been engaged in preaching at Mahaica, the Methodist missionary Mr Mortier has taken the liberty to solicit from gentlemen who had promised us their support, to subscribe towards the erection of a place of worship for the use of the Methodists, but our friends were not to be bought over; & altho' Mr M has opened a place (a private house) for preaching within about 200 yards of Mr Graham's house where we preach, yet he has only decoyed the coloured people. The whites & blacks attend us.

Sunday 19

Slept very uncomfortably last night. Mr D preached from Acts 10.38. After the service we handed a subscription paper round. We soon had near j2,000 promises. We left 4 copies of the sub. paper which the gentlemen are to hand round among their friends. We hope ere long to have a place of Worship.

We returned in the evening but too late to preach.

Mon. 20

Letter from T. Davies

Went down to Town. Recd a letter from Mr Tho' Davies in which he tells me that I may expect a box from him by the ship Contest from London. Capt Gemmel..

I din'd at Mr D's. Mrs S at Mr Elliots. Returned in the evening.

Tues. 21

Preached from Eph.6.14 goodly congregation. Note informing me that Mr Cort called the negroes together,& read to them a letter from Mr Wilson, which stated his intention of remaining in England & that the negroes were to be sold. This much affected them.

Friday 24

Large congregation this evening. Preached from Danl.2.20 as an illustration of Gen. Chap. 40.

Sunday 26

Prayer meeting at 7. Felt my mind in a very unfit state for Div. Worship. O, Lord, quicken me according to thy word. But a small congregation; perhaps not more than 400. This is owing to the wickedness of the managers in making the slaves work on the Sunday, or otherwise preventing them from coming to chapel by making them wait for their allowances &c. Psalm 51.10.

Tues 28

Preached in the eveng from Eph.6.16. The eveng was very gloomy. Dark, windy & wet. But few people present.

Wed. 29

This should have been Monday

Mr Graham called this eveng abt 7 or 8 o'clock on his way to Town. a Mr Mesit was with him. They had met with an accident on the road. Their horse was obstinate. Mr Mesit was timid, and in attempting to get out of the chaise had cut his hand. Mr G was goint to town to search for some negroes who had run away & no wonder.

Thur. 30

Mr Graham called on his way back to Mahaica. He said it would not suit him to have divine service performed in his house on Sunday next. He assigned some frivolous reasons; but I could not prevail upon him to allow it. This shews the necessity of erecting a place of worship immediately. Sold Mr G Fox's Book of Martyrs.

Friday May 1

Preached from Gen.40.20-23 numerous attendance.

Sat. 2

Kitty Wilson came to shew me a pass which Mr Cort had given her to enable her to look for a new owner. He asks 200 pounds sterling for her. She wish'd me to purchase her, saying she might be bought by a man who wd not allow her to come to church and this will break her heart.


Sunday May 3

But few persons (abt 30) at prayer meeting this morng. Not more than 40 came at the time of catechising; & at the time of publick worship not more than 300, or 400. This unaccountable decline of the congregation in the space of 3 or 4 weeks is owing, I believe to nothing but the wickedness of the planters in making the people work on the Sunday.

Preached from Matt.12.49.50. Church meeting after service. Here we had the painful task of excluding one who was admitted by Mr Wray. His name is Coll. He has been guilty of adultery, & discovers no marks of true repentance. He has brought odium upon religion.

Mr Kelly din'd with us.

Monday, May 4

Missionary prayer meeting

This is the day appointed for our first united missionary prayer meeting. Mr & Mrs Elliot came up, Mr & Mrs Davies did not. After private prayer i.e. so far private as that none were present but myself, Mr Elliot, Mrs S & Mrs E. It was recommended First, That a book should be published in which shd be entered those things which may be mentioned at our meetings, as far they may assume the form of resolutions, &c.

Secondly, It was thought advisable that a letter be addressed to Trinidad, to invite Messrs Adams & Mercer, (Mr Wray being in London) to unite with us, so that we may have an annual meeting of all the missionaries in our connection in this part of the O [world].

Thirdly, We thought that affairs at Mahaica called for immediate attention, & that as Mr Davies declined coming up this eveng in consequence of the slight indisposition of his child, he would not be willing to visit Mahaica; wherefore we agreed that I & Mr E wd proceed thither on Wednesday next, but that in the event of Mr D being willing to accompany me Mr E wd decline going.

At our meeting in the chapel Mr Elliot gave the address from "Thy Kingdom come". Small congregation. This Christian intercourse was profitable to my soul.


Sent a Letter to Mr Newton of Witham

Rode down to Town merely with a view to bring Mr E up that early on Wedy we might proceed to Mahaica.

Mr Davies & Mr Elliot had some disagreement. While at Mr Elliots I recd a note from Mr D requesting me to go up as he wished to speak to me. I went; but previously enquired of Mr Elliot whether he wd be willing to decline his engagement to visit Mahaica in case Mr D was willing to go? He replied affirmatively. On my arrival at Mr Davies I found Mr D. Surprised and apparently displeased that we had made such an arrangement concerning Mahaica. Certainly as he was not present on Monday eveng he had no right to find fault. He might have been present. Nevertheless to avoid giving offence (as Mr E had expressed his willingness to relinquish) I consented to Mr D's proposal of visiting Mahaica next week. When I mentioned this to Mr E he was so much displeased with me as to say that he wd have no more to do with our meetings; that I have shewn partiality in accommodating things to Mr D. I have done my best by trying to make peace, & to heal the breach which was made between Mr D & Mr E yesterday & today. If I fail I cannot help it. More was said; but more I forbear to write as the remembrance of such unkind reflections only tends to wound ones feelings & disturb ones peace.

The Lord rebuke thee, Satan. I returned home with a heavy heart.

Wed. May 6

Letters recd

Recd a letter from the Directors, & one from Mr Wray, both very encouraging.

Friday 8

Preached from Gen.41.38-45.

Sunday 10

These last 4 days have been very rainy, nor was this morng fine. But a small congregation (perhaps 400) this morng. Preached from John 6.67. After service administered the Lords supper to about 40 of our members.

Whit Monday May 11


Very rainy. Catechised the candidates for baptism in the School room. Found they had made great progress in learning they first applied. Preached from John 6.67.68 small congregation (about 400) perhaps this was partly owing to the rain, but principally to the planters employing the people to clear out the trenches in order to drain off the very heavy rains. After service I Baptised 28 adults, & 11 children - see the Register. Making a total of 178 persons Baptised by me since my arrival here, of whom about 50 were children. Many more are willing & qualified to be Baptised, but their masters will not allow them even to come to church & my method is not to Baptise any but such as can bring a note from their masters expressing their willingness that their negroes shd be Baptised.

Several negroes brought a large pig. They said it was a present for me. They said, as they were coming down the coast they saw a man with it to sell. They gave 4 dollars for it. It was paid for amongst them.

Tues. 12

Revd Mr D with his wife came up this afternoon. Mr D told me a strange tale concerning Mr....... and gave it as his opinion that we ought to postpone our intended visit, but for other reasons I thought we ought not to defer it, which were admitted, & we agreed to go on Thursday. Recd a note from Captn Tanner. He says he sent my box from Barbados before he went to the Corrantin River. But it has not yet come to hand.

Wed. 13

Dined with Mr Kelly. Borrowed a horse & chaise of Mr V.D.Haas for Mr & Mrs Davies.

Thur. 14

I & Mr D went up to Mahaica. Put up at Mr Gravesande. In consequence of this report concerning Mr ..... it became necessary to seek for a place to preach in. Mr Ward kindly lent us his logie. Mr Gravesande promised to make us a few benches. Mr Mortier the Methodist missionary is using all his endeavour to win our friends over to his party. He has given Mr Milne a Builder, a plan of a chapel 35 ft by 25, which Mr M says he cannot erect for less than J10,000. Coming home we were much troubled with the horse. Broke 2 whips.

Friday May 15

Mr & Mrs Davies return'd to Town this morng. I preached this eveng from Gen.42. 21-24. We had more hearers this eveng then ever I saw on a week eveng. Chapel nearly full.

Sunday 17

A Box Received

Congregations somewhat larger than have been these 4 or 5 Sundays past. At noon I preached from Luke 15.7. Nothing particular occurred concerning the people.

This morning about 1/2 past 6 I received a Box from Mr Davies, containing Books. It came by the ship Contest. Captn Gemmel. The boatmen brought it up from Town.

Tuesday 19

Preached in the eveng from Eph.6.17. good number of hearers.

Friday 22

Packed a Box for London

This morning I packed a Box to send to London. It contained 2 coats. 3 waistcoats. 5 pr stockings. 1 pr of small clothes. 1 pr of Trowsers. I sent 7 volumes to be Bound, namely, Evan's Geography 2 vols. Witsins on the Covts 2 vols. Sabines Church Hist. 1 vol. Beauties of Blair 1 vol. Memoirs of Mrs Newell 1 vol. I sent a portrait to be framed.

The Box also contained a parcel &c for Mrs Godden, & a few newspapers, but no letters. Wrote Mr J.B. L'pool under this date.

Sunday May 24

Ought to have gone to Mahaica, but the rains fell so heavy as to render it impossible. But very few at Chapel this Day. Not more than 150.

Tues. 26

Preached from Eph. 6.18. good many present.

Friday 29

Service in the Chapel. Gen. 42.36. But few hearers.

Saturday 30

Letter Recd.

Recd a letter from Mrs Godden dated April 8th.

Sunday 31

Go to Town

Very rainy. Prayer meeting in the school room. Preached from Rom.8.9. latter pt. Small congregation perhaps about 300. In the afternoon the weather cleared up, & we went down to town, in order to attend the Missionary prayer meeting tomorrow eveng. The roads were almost impassable. We were 4 hours going down.

Monday June 1st

a Bill

Letters sent home

Drew a bill on the Society for 45 pounds stg. To be paid to Mr Thos. Davies St Johns pound (?) at 90 days sight. The Bill was dated June 1st. Sent letters as follows. To Mr T. Davies a double letter, & a bill for 45 pounds one letter was dated May 19th the other May 22nd. To Mr Jos. Dated May 22nd. To Mrs Godden dated May To Mr Brightman dated May. To My Brother dated June 1st. The Box mentioned above I could not send. The Custom house officers stated that it was contrary to the quarantine laws. Held our second united missionary prayer meeting at Mr Davies'. In consequence of Mr Elliot making an objection against giving the address (altho' it was his turn) it fell to my lot. I spoke from John 15.5. Mr D commenced the service by reading & prayer. Mr E. prayed.

Tuesday 2

Mr D & I endeavoured to frame a few rules for the better regulations of our future meetings. We sent them down to Mr E to examine. He objected but did not state the ground of his objection. We left Town about 4 o'clock & reached home abt 1/2 past 6. Preached from Eph.6.18.

Friday 5

Preached from Gen. 43 1-15. Large congregation.

Sunday 7

Service as usual. Congregation large. Preached at noon from Rom 6.21. Church meeting.

Tuesday 9

Service as usual in eveng. Eph.6.19. Chapel nearly full.

Thursday 11

Singing meeting as usual.

Friday 12

Mr Kelly called today. Service as usual. Gen. 43. 16 to the end.

Sunday 14

A very fine morning followed by torrents of rain, for the space of three hours. Prayer meeting at 1/2 past 7. The weather cleared up about 12. We had a large congregation. Administered the Lord's supper to 72 communicants. Almost all our numbers were present, a circumstance which seldom occurs in this country. Abt 15 absent.

We have been much annoyed by the Manager & his overseers playing at a childish & ludicrous game. They were rolling a very heavy Ball along the boards of a hollow sounding floor. This sport they continued with very little interruption from 9 in the morning until 4 or 5 in the afternoon. This was a great annoyance to me but in every respect this has been a good day. Bless the Lord, O my soul

Sunday 21

Candidates for Church fellowship

De Ruiter

Nothing particular occurred all last week. We had large congregations both on Tuesday & Friday eveng.

After the morng service I requested the congregation to stay, when I submitted to their decision whether I should decline the Rebuilding of our Chapel (as the Contributions had fell very short lately) or whether I should persevere, in which case they must renew their subscriptions. They all promised to promote the cause by continuing their subscriptions.

Our congregation at noon was larger than last Sunday. Now the weather is getting a little more settled, I think our congn will be as large as ever. Preached from Luke 16.2. In the afternoon four of Mr V.Cooten's negroes applied to request admission into the Church. One of them named De Ruiter was formerly a notoriously wicked man. He was a Driver. According to the account of the people who live on the same Estate, he never considered himself happy but when he was drunk; & in this kind of happiness he used to indulge himself to excess every Sunday. Fighting & swearing he considered manly & courageous. Christians he despised, & as a Driver frequently went beyond his authority in order to vent his passion upon those who used to reprove him for swearing &c. But behold the change! He is now an humble penitent. He first came to our Chapel on the first Sunday of my preaching here, since then he has attended as regularly as a slave can attend. He was Baptised by me on Xmas Day. The Manager spent the afternoon in drumming.

Tues 23

Preached from Eph.6.24. Large Congn. Mr Kelly & 2 of his friends, one of whom was Mr Milne of Mahaica. Mr Milne told me that Mr Mortier bought a house in Mahaica for the purpose of preaching & that he gave f9,000 for it. I know the House. It is very old, & will cost him a great deal of money to repair & fit it up. Mr M. Promised to erect the Chapel for Mr Mortier (see May 4) for f8,000

Sunday June 28

Nothing particular since Tuesday. Have not been out all the week. Prayer meeting this morng was well attended. At noon we had a large congn. Preached from Luke 14.26. Some of the people came abt. 14 miles. Mr Cumming (sent) a woman to me to Baptise, with a recommendation, but stating that she was so ignorant that she could never be made to understand the meaning of Baptism. Heard much today of the cruelty of Mr O(?). of N...... to one of his negroes who comes to our Chapel.

Tues. 30th

Having gone thro' a regular course of preaching upon the Epist to the Ephesians, the first Epist of Peter occurred to my mind as being very suitable for our people in their present circumstances. The Apostle seems to have written for the comfort of Xtns who were scattered & persecuted; which is the case with our people. After seeking Divine direction in this matter, I felt a determination to pursue my plan. I therefore preached from 1 Peter 1.1. I suppose we had about 150 hearers. After service I had some conversation with some of our people upon the subject of Discourse.

Thursday July 2

Not more than 15 people came to practice singing this evening. I asked them several questions concerning the meaning of the 66 Hymn B 2nd which we had been singing. With great difficulty I got them to answer any one question, & even when they did ansr it was in such a foolish way, that made me think surely I have laboured in vain.

Friday 3

Our congregation was large this eveng. Text Gen.45.16 to the end.

Saturday 4

While in my study making preparation for tomorrow, I was so interrupted by the Turkeys that I was obliged to go down & kill one of them. They belong to Romeo. I have forbid his keeping them here, but he has brought them again & again. I told him to take them away or I would kill them. He has not taken them away. Therefore I killed one, which much displeases the old man.

Sunday July 5

When I arose I felt my mind in an unsettled state. Abt 40 present at prayer meeting. At noon our congregation was large & attentive. More white gentlemen than usual. Text Phil.3.8. I spoke with great liberty of speech. We held our church meeting.

Four negroes applied for admission to the ordinance of Baptism. I catechised them. They appear to be pretty well taught, & are well recommended by their masters. I desired them to come again. But few came in the eveng. Joe of Success came to excuse himself for not coming to church today. He says his Manager always keeps him at work on Sundays.

Monday July 6

Letter rec. & Letter sent

A very rainy morning. I thought we should not have been able to go to Town to attend our Missionary prayer meeting but it cleared up at noon & we went. Mr Elliot commenced, Mr Davies delivered an address from the parable of the Good Samaritan. A pleasant meeting. I recd a letter from my Mother & put one into the post for Mr Godden, dated, I think, July 1st.

Tuesday 7

Parcel from the Directors

Recd a large parcel from the Directors containing catechisms & pamphlets, &c. There was a letter from Mr Storek in it. This is the first letter I have received from any of my old friends at Tonb (Tonbridge) Chap. since I left. My friends have not forgotten me. We came much more cheerful than we went out. Mr Wray is expected daily in the Ranger. Service in the School room.


Wrote a letter to Mr Reid, & one to my Mother.

Thur. July 9

Went to Mr Van Cootens. Mr VC informed me that he had written to Mrs Van der Haas concerning the ground which we wish to obtain for purpose of erecting a Chapel. We hope to get a more favourable ansr than before. Mr VC is one of the very few who is willing to acknowledge that the gospel does good among the slaves. Singing meeting was not well attended this eveng.

Friday July 10

Letter sent

This eveng Emmanuel & Bristol from Chateau Margo came to make a complaint against Coffee of Success. They stated that he had used some very abusive language to Eml. I declined hearing the tale out until I can see Coffee. When shall Xns love each other. Preached from Gen.46 1-7. {Sat.11. Sent Mr Reids letter to the post office. It was dated July 11.}

Sunday July 12

The appearance of this morning was extremely gloomy. The heat was excessive. The pressure of the atmosphere was so great as to render respiration difficult. After I returned from the prayer meeting the rain fell in torrents, nor did it cease until about 12 o'clock. We commenced our service at 1, & I was really surprised to see so many people in the Chapel (Abt. 300). I preached from Isa.53.3. He is despised & rejected of men. I felt the truth of that promise, "I am with you always". O, that I could but trust more to the promise which assures us divine assistance.

Administered the Lord's Supper to 42 Communicants. For my part, I felt as tho' I had been at the very gate of Heaven. After service I distributed a number of Catechisms. But few attended in the eveng. This morng Mrs S. fell down stairs. She complains of having hurt her side.

Monday 13

While I am writing this opposite my window is a poor negro dancing to the lash of the whip. It is usual to make them lay down when they are punished, but this man stands & receives the lashes upon his naked thigh. I counted 12 lashes. The old man thus punished is attending the managers cows. The driver came out from the buildings; I suppose he was sent by the Manager. Perhaps the reason of this is because the old negro did not drive the cows up the other road. The way here is frequently not to tell a negro of his error, but punish him first, & then tell him what to do.

Tuesday July 14

Yesterday & today the rains fell in torrents. But few people at Chapel this eveng not more 90 or 100. Preached from 1 Pet.1.1

Wednesday 15

This morng the fog was so thick that we could not distinguish an object 200 yards distant. Din'd at Mon Repos.

Thur 16

This morning Mr N.Van Cooten sent his son Nicholas to school here. We are to have 8 guilders per month for his instruction, & 10 guilders per month to provide him his dinner every day. This eveng I divided the hour appropriated to singing, & spent half of it in catechising the negroes.

Friday 17

Our congregation was very large this eveng; body of the Chapel nearly full. Preached from Gen.47.7-10. O, my Lord, gather this harvest of Souls into thy church.

Sunday 19

Negro's Prayer

Death of De Ruyter of the Industry


Many flying showers this morng. Rain fell pretty heavy. I felt my spirit moved within me at the prayer meeting by hearing one of the negroes pray most affectionately that God would overrule the opposition which the planters make to religion, for his own glory. In such an unaffected strain he breathed out his pious complaint, & descended to so many particulars relative to the various arts which are employed to keep them from the house of God, & to punish them for their firmness in religion; that I could not help thinking that the time is not far distant when the Lord will make it manifest by some signal judgment, that he hath heard the cry of the oppressed. Exod.3.7.8.

I was informed that De Ruyter of the Industry, died last Tuesday. He had been ill about 3 months. I did not see him during his illness; but am told that he bore it with much Xtn patience. He was about 30 years of age. He was first brought ot the Chapel about 12 months ago, by one of our members. It pleased our merciful Saviour to convince him of his lost condition as a sinner; & I trust to draw him to himself, as the only foundation upon which the lost Sons of Adam can build a good hope. He was Baptised by me, at his own request, & by his master's permission, on Christmas Day last. O, Lord, may this event be sanctified to the good of others. A few hours before he died he exhorted all that were present (& there were many) to seek the Salvn of their Souls; pressing it upon them from the consideration of his premature death. Almost his last request was that there might be no Rum drank at his funeral.

The people were much delighted to day with the new catechism i.e. Dr Watts 2nd Set. Large congregation to day. I preached from Psa.9.17. The wicked shall be turned into Hell!! I never saw the people more attentive. Eveng I questioned them as to what they had heard at noon. They remembered the text; & the Subject.

Was informed of the intention of Susannah to take a husband.

Sunday 26

Preached from Heb.11.24-26.

Sundy Augt 2nd

I have not had time to note down any thing for the last fortnight. I have been at home all the time, pursuing my work. To day our congregation was rather larger then normal. Text 2 Cor.8.9.

While at breakfast this morng I recd a parcel from Mrs Davies. It contained a Letter from Mr Mercer, & one from Mr Jackson. Mercer seems to be in a great deal of trouble. Mrs D wrote me that Mr D. was very ill, requesting me to preach for him this eveng. I went. Found Mr D in Bed.

Monday Augt 3

Returned home. Held our Missionary prayer meeting great number of negroes present.

Thursday 6


Singing meeting was well attended. Our singing goes on but slow ; those of the negroes that attend have either no ability, or no inclination for singing. I know of no more than 5 or 6 out of the whole congregation that are able to begin a tune.

Friday 7

Death of Hercules

Large congregation this evening. Text Gen.49.1-4. After the service, Polly of Mons Repos informed me of the sudden death of Hercules. It appears that he went to work in the field this morning, and worked as well as any of the negroes until 11 or 12 o'clock, when he seized with a pain in his bowels. He was taken to the hospital, & in about 2 hours he died. May this event be sanctified to the good of survivors. He was baptised by me on the same day as De Ruyter. (See July 19). Since that time he has not been able to attend much at Chapel; in consequence of his being worked so much an the Sabbath!!!

Sunday 9

Very rainy morning. Was fearful that nobody would be able to come to Chapel. However the weather cleared up, & we had about 350 or 400. Text Eph.4.20.21. I never felt myself more exhausted by preaching than to day. After publick administered Lord's Supper to about 40 communicants. O, Lord, enter not into judgment with me for the sins of this day. Never do I remember to have felt my mind so indisposed for holy things. "My soul cleaveth to the dust; quicken thou me according to thy word".

Monday 10

Last night, or rather, early this morng I was awoke out of a sound sleep by a heavy peal of thunder. Several most tremendous claps followed, which made the house tremble & the glasses chatter. He speaks; & lo, all nature shakes, Heavens everlasting pillars bow; He rends the clouds with hidious cracks, And shoots his fiery arrows thro'. Hark! I pause to count the Lashes on the naked slave. This is the first thing on Monday morng. When the flogging was over. Mrs S. who was in the adjoining room, called out to me, Did you count those lashes? Ansr, yes. Quest. How many did you reckon? Ansr 141. I then asked her if she had counted them. She said, yes, I reckoned 140. Ah! The men who spend the Sabbath evening over the Bottle & glass; divert themselves with cards, & backgammon, are haunted with hideous dreams, & fearful forebodings during the hours of their slumber: then they rise to vent their arbitrary malice & authority - it may be upon the innocent.

Tues. 11

Mr & Mrs Davies came up this evening. At 8, I preached to a goodly number of negroes. Mrs D brought me a letter from Mr Mercer of Trinidad.


Accompanied by Mr D I waited upon Mr Cort, who has the rule of 5 or 6 plantations, containing about 2,000 slaves. The object of my visit was to solicit his permission that I should preach on his Plantations. He does not approve of the negroes coming to Chapel, in the evenings. To obviate the objection which he makes to evening preaching I propose to preach on every one of his plantations in rotation. He says, If the neighbouring planters are willing to allow the same practice, he will give his consent; but that he does not like to make innovations. He advises me to ask Mr Panya, & Mr Spencer which I intend to do.

Thurs. 13

Letter sent

Mr & Mrs D return'd to Town. Mr D took a letter down to put in the post for Mr Mercer. It was dated Augt.14.

Friday 14

Preached in the eveng to a large congregation. Chapel nearly full. Text Gen.49.5-7

Sunday 16

After the early prayer meeting I examined a candidate for baptism. At 12 preached from Matt.5.6. Congregation was large.

Monday 17

Mr & Mrs Davies came up. We had purposed going to Mahaica to hire a place for preaching. But Mr Gravesande, who had the disposal of it, sent us word that he had sold it. Mrs D brought me a Letter from Mr Mercer.


As we could not visit Mahaica, we went to see the back of the plantation. This is the first time I ever saw the back of any plantation. Mr Davies preached in the evening from Lam.4.1


Mr & Mrs D returne'd to town.

Thur. 20

Good number of people came to sing. I have for these 4 or 5 weeks divided the hour appropriated to singing i.e. sing half an hour & catechise the other half hour. I find that singing wears out my lungs very much.

Friday 21

Preached from Gen.49.8-12.

Sun. 23

Death of Mr Stoltenkamp

A very gloomy morng. But few at the prayer meeting. At 12, the weather being pretty fair, we had a tolerable good congregation. I preached from Matt.11.28-30. See No.5. After service I received a note from Mr Van Cooten, requesting me to attend the funeral of Mr Stoltenkamp. I received a most severe fall in going. The horse, going very fast, & stopping suddenly threw me off with my head upon the ground. A wonder my neck was not broke. This is the second fall of this kind. Truly the Lord is my keeper. "Bless the Lord, O my soul". I spoke a few words at the grave from James 4. 13-15. & offered up a short prayer. Mr S came from Holland about 7 months ago. He had not been in the Colony a month before he began to complain that he neither approved of the country not the people in it. He found great fault of the morals of the white people. He complained of the want of religion. He attended our Chapel occasionally, but he could not understand a word of English. He intended to have returned to Holland again; but death has prevented him. He was taken ill on Thursday, & died early this morning.

Monday, Sept. 28

I now resume my plan. During the last 5 weeks, I have had but little time for writing in this. Monday Augt 31 Mr & Mrs Davies went to Berbice. I preached for Mr D on Sunday Sept 6, & 2 following Sundays in the evenings. Mr & Mrs Elliot were here Sept 15 & 16. Sept 21 Letter from Rev.S Newton, & one from Mr Mercer.

Sept 28

Rev A. Brown's arrival

Since I have neglected this diary, I have continued my regular course of preaching & catechising. No service has been omitted. Yesterday I examined a number of candidates for Baptism. They repeated the catechism very well. There was only one that appeared unfit for that holy ordinance. His unfitness is his having 2 wives.

I had a very unpleasant affair to settle between Romeo & Kitty yesterday. O, my God, I am ashamed & blush for the sins of my people. The minister of the Scotch Church, Rev Archd Brown, arrived in the Colony on Friday, Septr 18. He was to have preached yesterday for the first time. I have not yet heard whether he did.

Tues. 29

Preached this eveng from 1 Pet.1.10-12. a good number of hearers tho' many of them were very sleepy. Was informed that Mr Brown preached at the Presbyterian Church on Sunday from Rom.1.16. O God, make him a burning & shining light in this Heathen country.


Finished copying the 4th vol. of Dr Bogues Lectures.

Thurs. Oct. 1

Read the Life of D. Brainerd this day. When I think how little I have done for God among the Heathens, I am ashamed of myself. O, my God, give me more of that Spirit which made him endure all things for the Elect's sake. It is thy work to convert souls. This evening I catechised the people. We sang but little. Abt 25 people present.

Friday 2

In the evening we had a large congregation. Preached for the 4th time from texts illustrating Mr Watts 1st catm.

Sunday 4

Felt much assistance in my preaching. Text John 10.14. After preaching I baptised between 30 & 40 persons, & married 6 couple.

After the services of the day, I felt myself just fit to go to bed. Catechising, Preaching, Baptising & Marrying occupied me from a little after 10 o'clock until 4 in the afternoon. In consequence of having no person to give out the Hymns, or Set the times, I cannot sit down even during the time of singing.

Monday 5

Missionary prayer meeting was well attended. Our people pray very earnestly for the spread of the gospel.

Tuesday 6

A Bill

Rode to town. Called upon Rev. A. Brown. He appears to be a very communicative young man. The Lord bless his labours. Drew a Bill on W.A. Hankey for 30 pounds payable to Rev J. Davies.

Wednesday 7

Went to Mr Kelly's. Charlotte came to live with us this day.


Many people came to be catechised.

Friday 9

Large congregation. Text Psa. 145.9. Felt the promised aid of the divine Spirit.

Sunday 10 (?)

This has been a blessed day to my soul. Was very comfortable at the early prayer meeting. Congregation was animating in its appearance at noon. Text 1 Pet.2.7. Administered the Lord's Supper. Precious Xt. My soul is full of thee.

Monday Octr 12

Letter sent

Sent a letter to Mr Jackson, of this date, informing him that Mr Wilkinson, who was to sail in the ship Grantham, Octr 8 had the care of the Hymns.

Saturday 17


Letter Recd

Nothing particular has occurred all this week; only that on Friday Morttis came to live with us. Our services in the chapel have been well attended. This evening we recd 2 Letters from London containing most unpleasant information.

Sunday 18

The services were as usual. At noon I preached from John 3.14.15. I did not enjoy that spirituality of mind which I could have desired. O my God, let thy word tho' so feebly spoken, be made the power of God to Salvn.

Tuesday 20

Large congregation in the eveng. 1 Peter 1.14-16.

Thur. 22

Singing & catechising as usual.

Friday 23

This morning I received a note informing me that Revd Mr Mercer arrived in the Colony last night. I went down to see him. He was 22 days coming from Trinidad. He is to abide with us until he hears from the Directors.

I returned & preached in the evening from 2 Tim. 3.15.16.

Sunday 25

The services today were as usual. We had a large congregation. I preached at noon from John 3.19. Felt myself very languid & dull. O for quickening grace.

Tues. 27

Mr & Mrs Mercer, accompanied by Mr Davies, came up to our house & Mr D returned in the evening. Mr M preached from Luke 2.10.11

Wed. 28

Spent almost the whole day in conversation with Mr M.

Thur. 29

Singing in the eveng as usual.

Friday 30

Mr Mercer preached from Luke 2.10.11.

Sunday, Novr. 1

The services this day were as usual. I preached from Isa. 60.1 Mr M closed the services of the day in the School room.

Monday 2

Missy Prayer Meeting we had a pretty large congn. I read the account of the Hottentots God. Mr Mercer delivered a short address.

Tuesday 3

Mrs S & Mrs Mercer rode to Mon Repos; I & Mr M walked there. Dined with Mr K. In our return home, the horse backed Mrs S & Mrs M into the trench.

Friday 6

I preached from John 4.24 and Heb.4.13 great number of people present.

Novr Saturday 7

Either late last night, or early this morning, some thief or thieves, got into our fowl house & stole above a dozen of the Best of the fowls. I very much suspect Romeo to be the thief. I believe there are but few of the negroes who think it much of a sin to rob a white man.

Sunday 8

Read & expounded 4th Chap. 2 Cor. At the prayer meeting this morning. An unusual number were present at the time of catechising. Mr Mercer preached, at noon, from Acts 8.35. During the time of the sermon, I observed a great number of people, particularly children, going out of the chapel & sitting under the trees. I went out & found quite a congregation lying on the grass. I made them go into the chapel.

After service I administered the Lord's Supper to about 76 persons. Mr Mercer delivered a very pathetick address at the Lord's Table. Upon the whole, this has been a good day to my soul. May the services of it make a lasting impression upon the hearts of the people. I performed the closing services of the day in the School Room.

Tuesday 10

Mr Mercer preached from Ps 1.1-3

Friday 13

Letter sent

Sent a letter to the p.office (by Shoote) directed to Mr Godden at the Genl p.office. It was dated Novr 12th. Mr M preached in the evening from Ps.1.6

Sunday 15

Letters Recd

Recd a letter from Mr Richards of Kettering, & one from Mr T. Davies. Read & expounded 5 chap of 1 Cor. at the prayer meeting. At noon I preached from Eccles.5.1. Examined a few candidates for Baptism. But nothing particular occurred.

Monday 16

Mr & Mrs Copperthwaite called here on their way to George Town. They are friends of Mr Wray. In the evening, Mr Davies & Mr Booker came up from Town.

Tuesday 17

After taking some breakfast, I, Mr Mercer, Mr Davies & Mr Booker, started at 1/2 past 5 for Columbia. Our object in going was to look at a building which was to let, thinking it might do for a Chapel, We examined the building. It is in a bad state; tho' I think in a good situation about 3 or 4 miles eastwards of Mahaica. Mr Booker asks 300 pouinds for it. I would not give more than 200 pounds for ir. Mrs S. read a sermon to the negroes.

Wednesday 18

We returned. All of us were very weary, being each obliged to ride on horseback by turns.

Thursday 19

Mr Davies returned to Town. Mr & Mrs Mercer went also.

Friday 20

Preached from Eccles. 12.13. Mrs S was ill in bed.

Saturday 21

Felt myself so spiritually dead & barren, that I could neither pray nor study. Tis true, I endeavoured to pray, but O what dead work. O what a cumbersome thing is a body of sin & death! What a poor creature is man without the aid of the H. Spirit; yea prayer is unsavoury, & the Bible itself a dead letter.


Sunday Novr 22

Rainy morning. Felt an unusual deadness to day. However, I draged thro' the services some how. Preached at noon to a pretty large congregation from 2 Tim.4.18.

Tues 24

I preached from 1 Peter 1.17. We commenced the service a quarter of an hour earlier than usual.

Thur 26

But few people came to practice singing.

Friday 27

Commenced service half an hour earlier than usual. I hope we may be able to keep to this time. Preached from Deut.10.12

Sunday 29

A very rainy morning. Prayer meeting in the School Room. At noon our congregation was much smaller than usual. Preached with considerable freedom & comfort from Isa. 25.9. After which I baptised 14 persons. It is pleasing to see so many souls joining the standard of our Dear Redeemer. Lord, hasten that blessed day in which a nation shall be born at once. O for another Pentecost! Service in eveng in School Room.

Tuesday Dec 1st

Rec a Box

Received a Box of Books from Mr Jackson. It was almost filled up with tracts. There were letters in it from Mr Davies, Mr Brightman, & Mr Godden. Preached in evening from 1 Peter 1. 18.19.

Thurs 3

But few people attended our singing this eveng.

Friday 4

Preached in the eveng to a large number of negroes from Matt. 15.4

Saturday 5

Went to Town with Mrs S. Slept at Mr Davies'.

Sunday Decr. 6

This day was appointed for our first Missionary Meeting at Mr Davies'. A large congregation of negroes & coloured people assembled, but not one white except the Missionaries, their wives, & Mr Welsh & his son, two gentlemen from N. America. Mr Mercer began the service by singing & reading the SS. I offered up the prayer, Mr Davies preached from Exod.14.15. Mr Elliot concluded. The Lords Supper was administered.

In the Evening the service was at Mr Elliots. Mr E commenced, Mr M. offered up the prayer, I preached from Eph.2.12. Having no hope &c. The Reverend Mr Davies concluded.

Mrs Elliot informed us that Mr Lu, a Missionary who had returned to London from the East Indies in consequence of the ill state of his health, was entirely discarded by the Directors!!! Slept at Mr Elliots.

Monday 7

We met at Mr Davies for business. In the eveng Mr Elliot preached from Ps.133.1

Tuesday 8

Met again for business. Eveng Mr Mercer preached from 2 Cor.4.12. We concluded the whole with a very interesting prayer meeting in which all of us engaged.

Wednesday 9

Returned home in the eveng.


Called on Mr Kelly

Friday 11

Preached from Eph.4.25.


Mr Welsh & his son John came to spend the day with us.

Sunday 13

The services of this day were as usual. But few people here. I preached from 2 Pet.1.4.

1818 Monday Decr 21

Nothing particularly worthy of notice occurred all last week. The planters so are busy with their coffee &c and the rains have been so incessant that on Tuesday & Friday we had but very small congregations.

Yesterday, Sunday, I preached from 2 Pet.1.4. latter part. Congregation was not very numerous. A Wet Day.

Tuesday 22

Small congregation. Preached from 1 Pet.1.22.

Friday 25

Christmas Day. A fine morning & exceeding hot. Quamina came over to tell me it would be best to commence the service at one o'clock, instead of 12, as the negroes were all engaged in receiving their allowance. That is either clothes, or salt fish & tobacco, & rum. Their allowance of clothes is, for the men, a coarse, blue jacket, a hat, a cap, a piece of osnaburg, enough to make a pair of trowsers. Sometimes they get a Razor. The women receive a jacket, a Hat, & a piece of stuff large enough to make a petticoat. Some planters give this annually, others, only once in two years.

We commenced our service at 1. Our congregation was but small. Abt 300 persons. I took for my text Luke 2.8-17. yet confining myself to verses I illustrated the Message which the Angel delivered to the Shepherds.

Was pleased to observe less dancing than usual.

Saturday 26

The people came early this morning. We held a prayer meeting in the School Room. At 12 our Chapel was crowded to excess. I preached from Luke 2.13.14. From which I considered the Nature & cause of the Joy which the birth of Xt. excited. After service I examined several Negroes some of whom I purpose baptising tomorrow.

Sunday 27

Our prayer meeting this morng was numerously attended. At 12, the Chapel was thronged with people. I preached from Luke 2.15-17. From which words I applied the 2 preceeding discourses to practical purposes. Immediately after service I baptised several persons. For the names, see The Book.

O,Lord, may the seed sown by thy unworthy dust, spring up & bear much fruit.

Tuesday 29

Preached from 1 Peter 1.23. a wet eveng but few hearers.

Thursday 31

Death of Wm V D Haas

At 6 o'clock this morning, Mr A. Van der Haas sent to request me to go & see his brother Wm, who, he said, was dying. As I was going, another messenger came to inform me that he was dead. I went on, & had some discourse with the surviving brother. He had been ill only a few days. It is about 6 months ago since he came to the colony. He appears to have died as he lived. Let me die the death of the Righteous. He had made arrangements for returning to Holland & had advertised his name. His case was something like that of Mr Stoltenkamp (see Augt.22) only he never complained of the Irreligion of the people here.