The site contains family history information about the ancestors and descendants of Hendrik Van Cooten, who was born in Doorn, near Utrecht, in the Netherlands, being baptised in Doorn on 5 July 1750. Hendrik became a carpenter and surveyor and went to the colony of Demerara in South America. This colony became part of British Guiana, and is now the Republic of Guyana.

In older documents, the family name is variously recorded as Van Cothen, Van Coten, Van Koten, Van Kothen, or Van Kooten. Hendrik and his descendants seem to have fairly consistently used the Van Cooten variation.

For privacy reasons, minimal information is displayed for living descendants. I have decided to show relationship information in order to show how branches connect. Please contact me if you believe you have any connection to the various branches, spot incorrect or missing information, or that inapproriate information is displayed.

Older versions of an online graphic family tree, useful links to web resources, and pictures of family members are still available.