British Guiana Colonists Index "Z"

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This index of 18th and 19th century residents of the colonies of Berbice, Demerara, and Essequebo is compiled and maintained by Tikwis Begbie from a wide variety of sources. The index benefits greatly from the exchange of information which ensures its accuracy and continuation. More information about the index can be found at the site home page. Partial transcripts of selected British Guiana (1794-1817) newspapers are on the Guyana Colonial Newspapers site. This data was last updated on 22 December 2020.

ZADELHOFF, VAN, Maria Willemiena Gijsbertiena

  • Born: 11 FEB 1823, Berbice

ZEAGERS II, Absalom Jnr.

  • Born: 20 SEP 1752
  • Died: 10 AUG 1779, Weri-wery, Cooro Creek, Left Bank, Essequebo River.

ZEAGERS, Absalom

  • Died: ABT 1778


  • Married CARNES, Burrill Esq.


  • Born: Antigua
  • Married KRUYSSE, VAN DER, Jacomina
  • Died: ABT 1771


  • Married CANZIUS, Willem Onderdewyngaart


  • Born: 7 MAY 1851, Pln. Uitvlugt

ZUBLI, Abraham

  • Born: 15 JUN 1760, Zubli's Lust, Berbice
  • Died: ABT 1811

ZUBLI, Ambrosius Justus

  • Born: 4 OCT 1751, New Amsterdam, Berbice, Guyana
  • Died: 9 OCT 1820, Vlaardingen

ZUBLI, Johanna Louisa

  • Born: 1 JUN 1754, New Amsterdam
  • Died: 4 AUG 1796, Doesburg

ZUBLI, Paulus

  • Born: 12 SEP 1709, Toggenburg, St.Gallen SWITZERLAND
  • Married VERSTER, Cornelia Geertruij: 1 JUN 1749, Fort Nassau, Berbice, Guyana
  • Died: 2 AUG 1760, New Amsterdam

ZUILL, Henry Tucker Esq.

  • Born: 1801, Bermuda
  • Married WILLOUGHBY, Sarah Catharine, wife of Dr. Edward: 23 MAY 1840, St. George's Church
  • Died: 23 DEC 1849, Kingston, Demerara

ZURMEGEDE, Suzanna Wilhelmina

  • Born: 21 APR 1759, Veere, Walcheren Island, Netherlands
  • Married BATENBURG, VAN, Abraham Jacob Van Imbyze: 1782, Tilburg NL


  • Died: 4 DEC 1845, Essequebo or Demerary

ZWITZER, Catharina Sophia

  • Married MERTENS, -
  • Died: 17 SEP 1829, Georgetown


  • Married LEUS, DE, Johanna Wilhelmina

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