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18040414EDG: Estate:Essequebo

Air hall

18070530EDG: Plantagie:Spelling?


18031022EDG: Estate:East Coast of Berbice


18070103EDG: Plantation: 

Amelia's Wart

18040915EDG: Plantation: 

Amelies Ward

18050209EDG: Plantagie: 


18050824EDG: Plantation:Demerara River; East Side

18050907EDG: Plantation/estate:Demerara River; East side


18050921EDG: Plantagie:Essequebo; 'Wacquenaam Eiland'

Amitie, L'

18031008EDG: Plantation:Mahaica

Amitie, L' en Libertie

18070822EDG: Pl.: 

Amstel, Den

18031203EDG: Plantagie: 

Anna's Vale

18041103EDG: ?:Lot No. 30, Called Anna's Vale, situated on the Western Shore of this River


18070620EDG: Plantation: 

18071212EDG: Plantation: 

Avond, den

18050126EDG: Plantagie:Arabische Kust

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